My rare encounter with the Soul in SoulJah Love

I had watched SOULJAH LOVE perform a few times before but there is one particular performance that i will never forget. It was on the 4th of August 2019, the event was at Mbare Netball Complex. It was a Seh Calaz birthday bash.

By Plot Mhako

I left the city centre around 10pm headed towards Mbare with my good friend Tafadzwa Zimoyo TheBoss. We stopped by Mwamuka Service station to get some fuel from one guy. During the 30min stopover i saw droves of ecstatic young people headed towards Stodart. It felt like broad daylight.

When we got to the venue we headed to the main entrance and quickly someone identified us and we were whisked away through the entrance used by artists. The mood was electric, i had for long feared going to events happening at the venue because of stereotypical beliefs around the spot and the hood. 

Interestingly within 5minutes i felt so much at home and threw all caution into the wind. In no time i was on stage filming and partly streaming the event. 

Every artist who came delivered a charged set and the audience at the venue which by an hour’s time had filled up to the bream was giving rousing support. 

Fast-forward to the moment SAURO aka SOULJAH LOVE was about to go on stage:

Once the MC Byt Charmer announced that soon Chibaba as Souljah Love was affectionately known was up next, the already charged mood switched a gear up, it went into a frenzy. 

The back entrance which he was to use was swamped. Music producer Cashlibs came up to me and said, “Take this strategic position so that you can capture everything well. What you are about to witness will blow your mind”

Chibaba’s frontman Supa Yut was the first to clear way for his king. As Supa Yut was making his signature chant intro, another voice echoed from the foreground. It was the man himself. Clad in a blue suit escorted by several bouncers who struggled to clear the path for him to walk as people mobbed him. The moment he got on stage i felt something that up to today i cant describe. SoulJah Love had such an amazing presence that you could physically feel from afar.


Instantly he transferred that magic to the audience, churning out hit song after song with so much ease and passion. About 20minutes later he left the stage after dropping his last piece for the night. However, it was not an easy process for him to walk for 20 metres as fans hoisted him, some blocked his way, some throwing themselves at him, some attempting to grab his jacket. 

I was left in awe! what i had witnessed was an amazing musical experience whose connection to the audience was epic! 

The artist was cut from a rare piece of cloth. He was unique and he gave the world his story unfiltered and it touched us, it entertained us. May you SOUL rest in peace! 


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