Unstoppable Dreamer: Soul Jah Love the idea will forever live!

We have been through dark and darkest moments, and today is one of those days the darkest cloud passed through our beloved country and shall feel the effects beyond the geographical boundaries of the teapot-shaped country, Zimbabwe. We lost a Zimdancehall artist, a music legend.

By Duce Charline Chikomo

Those who understood his lyrics and interpreted his life would be alive to the fact we lost a role model, a man that the majority of the Zimbabwean youth could look at, and see themself in him, but also see that anything is possible.

A record-breaker that he rose from the most impoverished ghetto neighbourhood of Mbare,  made noise in the world and brought the world’s attention to that ignored ghetto. We lost an educator and an inspirator whose delivery method was music.

MANGOMA HANDINYORI MWARI VANONDISENDERA”, and challenged many of us to think beyond our challenges through his musical lectures, edutainment 

Paradoxically, I am comforted that what we are burying is Soul Jah Love the person, not the idea. What idea? The idea of making use of our talents, regardless of the circumstances. Its in the the public domain, the man lived one of the most challenging lives, accident after accident, his house demolished, hospital after hospital, sabotage after sabotage, you name it. Still, the Soul Jah Love I know did not stop because of all that. The idea that your background is not the reason why you are  at the back. We all know that the man rose from street kid life, and became a talk of the streets all over the world, “NDAKAROVA CHISUIT CHEGREEN NDASINGADI LOSE NDAIDA WIN, NDAKAKURA NDICHINONGA MUMABIN”

The idea of collaboration and raising others, we know that Soul Jah love grew many, “Zvivana and zvimhama”- Not forgetting many collabos, proving his humbleness and collaborative attitude! 

Anyone who will come and try to pen down the history of Zimbabwean music without mentioning SOUL JAH LOVE  should know that is committing a severe historical mistake, choreographing facts, and the Zimbabwean people will have no respect for such nonsense, but call it, “A Piece of sublime mysticism, and nonsense!”

To Chillspot, the only way Souljah love can rest in peace is when you keep Mbare flag high and raise many Soul Jah Loves.

To all the ghetto youths, if we want Sou Jah Love to sleep well, let’s keep the fight. Just like Souljah love proved to us, we are the  change we seek. 

Attached below is my favourite song “ININI HANDINYARE NDIZVOKA ZVANDIRI ” 



Duce Charline Chikomo _ CEO @Duce Leadership Initiative //Speaker //Author //Presenter // preacher

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