Soul Jah Love : Loved, celebrated in life and Death

I beg to differ! Soul Jah Love was celebrated much in his lifetime. People would flock to his shows, people would play his music full blast, he got props on social media. What may not have happened is people reaching out to him in person, but also, that was the type of the person he was, he was not available to all, he would be in his spaces, but when you did find him, he would be welcoming. 

By Pablo Tinashe Chimusoro

It’s a natural occurrence that something is appreciated more when it’s gone. It happens almost everywhere. It’s easy to be indifferent with something you live with daily, but when it’s gone, you realize how much more it meant to you. This is the same thing that happens when people say out their condolences on social media in their numbers, it’s the only farewell they can give a departed person, what else can they do? They cannot attend his shows anymore, stream his latest releases anymore and won’t entertain themselves to his  fresh videos. 

My opinion is that Soul Jah Love cannot be mourned enough, but he can best be celebrated. Whilst you may say “what’s the use of celebrating him when he is gone..?” remember artists don’t love for applause, they live to express themselves, so we will always cherish and appreciate their expressions. 

There is a lot that happened in his life, lots to be learned from, lots to enjoy. Life as it is, is just a journey, and sadly his journey has come to this end and it hurts. 

The man did not live for himself, he was an inspiration to many, especially those who had personal, family, and life issues. Even the well up hustler just found Soul Jah Love interesting. See how so many youth got into dancehall after him? See how so many started to get the haircut with locks, similar to Sauro’s? See how many adopted his street lingo? Lots of things he did for us in his lifetime. 

May the king rest easy. He was truly loved. He was truly a hero.



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