Hip hop star Lucretius blows-up from Mzansi

Lucretius Aurelius Masanga is a Zimbabwean rapper and also a dancer who is based in SA. He definitely has a strong flow to his raps. Definitely look out for him. He is one of the hardcore, stone cold rappers who are representing Zimbabwe.

By Tafadzwa Gambiza

He is releasing his EP project called WATM TEARS on the 26th of February. His EP has tracks like MANIFEST, IT’S CHAAI, LOCKDOWN, $LEIGHT OF HAND, THRONE, APEX, STORED HAPPINESS and TUMI MOLIKO which has already released.


On his new EP ‘ WARM TEARS ‘ he has worked with amazing producers, Kimonrayne, Chris Nanite, Josh Skyler, Brandon kach, Bvdrvt, Vuyani Billiant Tshomela, Bleachboy Beachboy, Travis Coly.

LUCRETIUS has caught the eyes of several big Hip Hop Heads in SA like Priddy Ugly, Dj Sonics and Slikour.

Dj Sonics and Priddy ugly had this to say “ I like his tone, I like Lucretius’s tone. Like his raps and I like the energy he puts behind it, because he is a dancer so he knows how to perform it “. Priddy Ugly : “ First time I saw him was him dancing, he actually a lit dancer. I have been trying to look for videos of him dancing but I think they are just not there anymore. He switch up a Shona verse, that’s dope”.

Lucretius Breaks down Warm Tears,

WARM TEARS is catharsis. The tape is an honest reflection on the harsh times Lucretius was going through, often leaving him in WARM TEARS, as well as detailing the evolution that occurred from the day, he finished high school up until the present moment.

The intro, Manifest, details the hardship of embarking on this musical journey while facing doubts from those around him in the lyrics “ can’t take heed of your warning when my destiny is calling “, furthermore, juggling the parallels of needing to believe rising above that reach to the “Apex” of his career.

The progression of instrumentation transforms from an Afro influence soundscape, going into more westernized heavy trap production, and ending off on distorted somber note with the song “ Stored Happiness “where Lucretius on his grandmothers passing and how that shifted the stability of his family.

In its entirety this is a gripping project filled with relatable content, peaks and dips that echo the nature of life, and stories that will leave a listener truly understanding that pressure does indeed create diamonds.


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