Madam Boss alive and well; Castigates Passion Java

Flamboyant and and controversial clergyman Passion Java caused a stir this evening after posting a video clip purportedly announcing the ‘passing on’ of celebrated comedian and influencer Madam Boss.


In the video Java sent a condolence message to Mhofu (Madam Boss’ husband) and shares with the world that the comedian has succumbed to Covid_19. He goes on to mention Nyaradzo Funeral assurance a company that Madam Boss represents as a brand ambassador.

Passion Java

The message immediately attracted wide rebuke and condemnation from followers on social media who felt it lacked credibility and was grossly insensitive.

In an official statement via her official Facebook page conveyed by one Fanwell Peter Mass the Madam Boss Entertainment Strategic Manager, the distraught sounding message expressed shock and dismay at the highly insensitive stunt.

Madam Boss

It read:

@prophetpassion Tambai nezvimwe that was a bad Joke 🚯🚯🚯

She is safe and alive,I Fanwell Peter Mass as Madam Boss’s Strategic Manager I can confirm that her death announcement had nothing to do with the the Brand, she as all of us at Madam Boss Entertainment were also shocked to the announcement of her passing… We would like to apologize to all our fans advertisers and partners especially those brands that were mentioned in the viral fake announcement eg Nyaradzo Group ..

This was a very unfair announcement, unfair to all you my fans and all victims of Covid19 and their families, we have since asked the video to be taken down, and to family I’m sorry you have to go through this kind of unnecessary emotional mess.

Madam Boss

I love you all See Less.

Madam Boss

Sadly, Passion Java who has since deleted the video from his facebook posted yet another clip showing no signs of remorse, jokingly insinuating that his stunt had attracted thousands in comments and reactions. He went on to say he was trying to teach a lesson since people react less to good word. He further bragged that he has been trending.


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