System Tazvida : Gone at 30, His voice still reverberates 22 years on

Born Funuel Nyasha Tazvida on the second of May 1968 in Zaka Masvingo. The hit making legend passed on on the 4th of February in 1999 at a young age of 31 after a short illness. He was laid to rest at Unit L cemetery in Chitungwiza.

By Trevor Mawaka

There is nothing new under the son. Especially in the entertainment industry, everything that is has already been, only that we have to twick it and pimp it up with a different gloss to accommodate the next generation.

The truth is that the music industry has always celebrated unique, quirky and peculiar talents that take us away from the normal which quickly turn into a bore. That’s why we are all currently wowed by Holy 10, not because he has the wittiest of rhymes but because he has a different and refreshing voice and pattern.

System  WEZHIRA found an industry that celebrated smooth well rounded singing voices and I am sure even he doubted his chances of making it with his horsey, raspy and and gruffly voice. But that was the DISRUPTION that differentiated him from the rest and he had his reign that was only stopped by death.

It’s been 22 years since he breathed his last but we can only celebrate that we were blessed with a music maker who was as passionate as the music he made. In today’s write up I share with you my understanding of the man and his music.


With the way I relate to slow unhurried and smooth music, I surely blame System for taking our music from the homely environment and taking it to the bars and party perimeters. Before Tazvida, the Marshal Munhumumwes would chide bad behavior in song, while the Leonard Dembos would sing love ballads that the whole family could sit up and listen to.


From Mabhawuwa, Anodyiwa Haataure up to the end, it was all music meant for the party scene, and music never came back to familial and homely environment ever again. We celebrate the party starter of our times and for other of our fathers and mothers and still for others of our grandparents, the GREAT TAZVIDA IROMBE.

System Tazvida #TheHerald


Tazvida first found fame as part of the Khiama Boys with Mabhawuwa. Though he was not the band leader, the song introduced a confident voice that was unusually rough and gruffy but he had “ka That” that made it a hit song.

Tazvida was to find the real limelight light with the release of the album  Rudo Tsika nemaGariro with the plug track being Anodyiwa haataure. From then on it was Tazvida in every township bar til his demise. Other hit songs included Vakazvikanyira wega, Bhuku rerudo and Anewake ngaabereke


Rudo Tsika nemagariro 1994

Mutunhu unemago 1995

Wadenha Mago 1996

Watosvorwa 1997

Huni Nyoro Mumoto 1998

Rimi Remoto 1999

System Tazvida & Chazezesa Challengers Hits 2005

The Best of Tazvida Irombe Weshira Singles Collection 2006

TAZVIDA died aged 30, but had blessed us with as much music and hits more than most of today’s artists would do in 5 life times.

Mai Tazvida – wife of the late System #NationalFM

Next times you feel like navigating the local party music scene, get back to the basics by reconnecting with the original party starter.



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