ZimDancehall Awards : Unmasking the man behind

Only a few are clever enough to realise that their passion can be put in use in other areas of the music industry. Often some carry on and on until it is too late to establish themselves in any of the many branches of the tree of music. Hence our industry is left weak and some efforts diluting the purity of our talented artistes.

By Jirvas Munyaradzi Gwanzura (Jirvaldo) _ #263Rise

One young man from Harare fell in love with the genre which is said to have evolved from the Jamaican Dancehall, making it more relevant and marketable locally. At one point the young lad recorded on the Xmas Riddim but was quick and humble enough to realise that it was not his forte and or calling. Being part of the Green Gate Studioz(pachi McGyver) the calm guy would spend a lot of time watching how things go in the studio setting and also the variations in talent and the art itself.


It was at this point he became a valuable member of the 263Rise family and his name is Blexs Gyver. His journey also ventured into MCing for big names like Enzo Ishal, Kinnah and Seh Calaz. Some of these events he will be a sidekick backing seasoned MCs like Stansplash who once promised to keep an eye on the lad and giving him the apt support to reach his full potential. As per his report, Blexs Gyver is no stranger to powerhouses ©© CHILLSPOT ©© .

He has always sung praise of the wonderful job that they have done and still doing. All this is a pinch of what is there to say about the man behind the Zimdancehall Awards for 2020. This is a follow-up to the successful ones in 2019. However our organiser has a few areas to work on and I am so very pleased that he is willing to learn.

Often he reminds me that it is not about him but about appreciating the great work of those that have put in good shifts in the genre. Blexs appeals for help although he remains in control of the vision as he hopes to keep it as fair as possible and also for it to be an accurate voice of the people.

There are a few areas that will need adjustments and correction in the next edition but for now Zimbabwe let’s get behind this fine work. A duty that is so difficult to execute but together we can make it happen. Lets give Blexs support and help him with this great initiative.

For more information visit the Zimdancehall End Of Year Awards page. Also remember that TOGETHER WE RISE, so let’s KEEP CLOSE.GOD BLESS YOU ALL and please keep safe during these hard times. – jirvaldo –


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