Gora Zowa Machoronga a brave voice reflecting society

Gora Zowa Machoronga is a voice of reason! Real name Tafadzwa Gora, the Afro-Acoustic musician is definitely a voice to reckon. His compositions deeply mirror and expose deep social issues in a way that provokes the society to make positive change.

By Plot Mhako

Pregnant with meaning, his latest Album Bambiro which was launched a week ago online is a must listen to!

Child sexual abuse is a thorn in your flesh that affects us regardless of colour or creed. Although there are multiple factors that contribute to its prevalence in Zimbabwe, poverty remains arguably one of the major underlying causes. In his song Sungai Binya, Gora Zowa implores the authorities to take stern action towards sexual abusers and rapists.

Gora Zowa

In a short Facebook post Gora said, “Be that as it may, the rapist (BHINYA) and the law (MUTEMO) are two draughts (TSORO) players, and whilst the rapist may play hide and seek, the law shall catch up with him, jump over all his pieces (BHOBHO), capture all the pieces – and hand him over to the police (MAPURISA), and to the prosecutor (MUCHUCHISI), and to the judge (MUTONGI) and to the prison officer (GADHI JERI) who will lock him away and throw the key away!”

Due to poverty, girls and women are made vulnerable and are exposed to sexual abuse.

Bambiro is a simple but brave assertion that the voice Gora Zowa Machoronga has finally exerted its presence among the many unique musical voices in their multiple melodies, in our beloved motherland, and far away places around the globe.

Gora Zowa Machoronga are multiple voices reflecting society!


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