Mama Neo: Rumbidzai Magaya’s innovative Baby products business booms

Social media has become more than just a social platform for gossip and catch up. Over the years, it has grown to be the epitome of business for those who play their cards right so to say. It has become a market where buyers meet sellers, a recruitment center where people find their dream jobs and employers can screen potential employees, and yet still provides a platform for people to talk, share and find solace and comfort from others.

By Fadzai Mathabire

If we are to be honest, social media and the internet have made the Covid-19 lockdowns somewhat bearable, confirm? One person who has seen a level of goodness from bringing her business to online platforms is Mama Neo who specializes in creative hamper cakes made from baby products. She went from being just another diaper joint, to “the go to” baby shower package and scooped herself a franchise with a black doll manufacturer in Botswana to introduce a series of black dolls to the Zimbabwean market.

If you are a mom or an aspiring one I’m sure someone has referred you to Mama neo at one point or maybe you came across her on Facebook all by yourself. Talk about finding your next big deal on social media right?

Rumbidzai Magaya, aka Mama Neo was just another woman looking around for toys and products for her children when she grew an interest in baby stuff. Having to fend for her own as a single mother, she started a business to sell baby apparel and named it Mummy and Baby Neo’s Cart in honour of her last born Neo. This was in a way to support her family and also motivated by her little children who kept Mama Neo on her toes to find the next best toy and of course fashion and other good products.

Her first clientele was her small circle of friends and family and it grew to the surrounding area within reach. She went on to open a shop in town as her business began to grow and introduced her business to Facebook and Instagram in August 2019. Taking her business online increased her sales tremendously and got her noticed too.  

If you search for baby products and toys on Facebook I bet you will find a lot of people selling at prices that may even get you wondering where they are getting their stuff at low cost. For Mama Neo to be successful online she had to be creative with her products and services. What sets her apart is her hampers which come in the form of a big cake made of baby clothes, diapers and other necessary products. “There was always a cake for the guests and nothing for the baby to consume,” she said “…so I decided to make a cake using products that the baby can use through their growth journey to about 12 months”.

These hamper cakes come in different shapes and sizes and vary on the products contained. The usual ingredients include diapers, baby clothes, and skin care products. She also confirmed that she had to maximize on marketing and sometimes even boost her posts on Facebook for more reach and coverage. That sure teaches us that sometimes you have to make financial sacrifices to see the value out of your hard work. 

They say when you put in the work your doors will begin to open for you. Or maybe I made that up after hearing Rumbie’s story and realizing that Justin Beiber, Tori Kelly and Alessia Cara have had the same experience. Talent is undeniable and those who choose to share it often get the best of it while those who are stingy can die with it. There she was busy with her hampers when she was approached by a certain doll creator in Botswana to launch a series of black dolls to the Zimbabwean population. “It was because of my creativity in hamper cakes that the lady approached me on Facebook. I had always wanted a black doll growing up and now I have the chance to make that dream true for other black girls in Zimbabwe “. Said the excited Mama Neo

What has helped mama neo to thrive today is consistency and a good strategy. When you start treating your hustle like worthwhile business, it will pay you like you deserve to. Just like how the choices you make today shapes how your tomorrow will be, the moves you make for your business today aligns it to its success. Rumbie is very deliberate when it comes to her business and the moves she made has brought her thus far.

Every hamper is well thought of, all posts are intentional and business money is spent as intended in her budget.

“Money requires a lot of discipline, don’t be quick to enjoy profits.” She amended. Rumbie also mentioned that Kindness goes a long way, “Give everyone who enquires good service, they are your potential future clients.” That’s how you get referrals after all, everyone loves to be treated well especially if they are going to make a money decision.

 Another business power move she banks on is networking. She amended that networking is essential for any business and everyone needs a circle of soldiers. She recently posted this on her Facebook page to encourage her fellows and explain how it is beneficial to go home from a networking event with no sales at all. This is how she described her first experience, “My 1st network group I attended in 2019 Mai Titi was co-host ndakaenda ndichiti ndichanoita mari vanhu vatenga guess what I never made any single sale, but something changed my life after that ladies networking event.” She went on to add that what’s important is representing your brand well as you are the first brand ambassador for your business.

Now Rumbie looks forward to the next networking event because she understands the opportunity it brings to add value to her business. “Every time I miss attending a networking function trust me it’s my loss because that’s a golden opportunity lost to get to meet new people in my life business wise. Free tip, take these networks seriously. The more I attend business networking events, the higher the demand for my product gets and in turn more sales. With a great presentation of your product you get opportunities too as people begin to trust you with their stuff.”

Of course her story isn’t finished, there are more mommies and babies are still to experience from her creativeness. It’s a tough time to be expecting or to be a mom to a toddler and Mama Neo understands that.

Having to deal with constant doctor’s appointments during this lockdown and of causing the hustle of public clinics in this pandemic can be emotionally draining.  She has set up a delivery system to cater for those who may choose to bless their loved one. Information on her products and services is found on her business page Mummy and Baby Neo’s Baby Cart. It was Vine for Shawn Mendes, YouTube for Justin Bieber and Alicia Cara, and Facebook for Mama Neo, find your platform and allow yourself and your business to thrive. When you do your thing just remember that the world is watching. 


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