Holy Ten, Feli Nandi, ProBeatz, Stunner clinch Ngoto lager deal

Hip hop artists Stunner, Holy Ten, Probeatz and Afrofusion music sensation Feli Nani have clinched a lucrative brand deal with Ngoto Craft Lager and Hdot clothing line.

By Plot Mhako

Nhandaro Group Pvt Ltd, a Zimbabwean entity which trades as Dandaro Media House in South  Africa, are the flagship companies of the brands, Ngoto Craft Lager and Hdot clothing line.

We are ecstatic to be working with a group of artists who  continually carry the Zimbabwean banner. 

Nhandaro Group Pvt Ltd

• Multiple Zimbabwean NAMA winner “Stunner” whose contribution to Zimbabwean Hip Hop  music goes without mention. He is a trail blazer to the modern-day Zimbabwean Pop music and a past NAMA Award winner.


“Holy Ten” self-proclaimed “Leader of the Youth”, whose voice has  undoubtedly flooded the streets across all demography. 

Holy Ten

“Probeatz”, who needs no introduction, a man of many talents, his gifts have propelled him  to his recent stardom and his use of Shona showcases his amazing poetic flair. He is certainly  a unique instrument to his genre. 


• Last but certainly not the least “Feli Nandi”. As a brand, Nhandaro Group identified with  Feli’s creativity and her body of work spoke volumes. The songstress is a gem, and her  exceptional talent will surely see her soar to become a formidable force in the Arts industry. 

Feli Nandi

Nhandaro Group Pvt Ltd, continues to seek meaningful partnerships across all forms of industry  with the aim of elevating National pride and enriching people’s lives. This kind of corporate support is a great shot in the arm for the creative industries in the face of the Covid19 pandemic.

Ngoto gave mention goes to Mr. Daves Guzha of Theatre in the Park for his invaluable mentorship and  guidance. 

@ngotocraftlager | @hdotafrica | @DandaroHoldings 



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