Denied a TV licence; JIT TV to go on Air soon

Just in Time (Jit Tv) is a new upcoming infotainment television channel from Gweru that will showcase Zimbabwean talents, cultures and heritage. The TV company has just announced that they will soon go on air.

By Plot Mhako

Jit Tv was amongst the 14 prospective media houses who pitched in October last year during the public hearings conducted by the Broadcasting Authority (BAZ) of Zimbabwe hoping to become one of the six stations to be granted licenses for the free to air national TV stations.


Why keep giving licenses to the same people, the same people offering nothing new, the same failing to pay artists’ royalties”


Jit Tv failed to secure the license and Jester Media, ZTN, Rusununguko Media (NRTV), Acacia Media Group, Fairtalk Communication aka KEYONA TV, and Channel Dzimbabwe were the successful applicants. None of the licensed stations has gone on air yet with ZTN still broadcasting online.

JIT TV team

The decision by BAZ did not go down well with Mr Mackenzie who took to social media to express his disappointment at the process. This attracted a response from the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information Mr Nick Mangwana. Part of the Twitter conversation is below.

Undeterred by their failure to secure a license, JIT TV made an announcement today that they will be going on air soon without giving much detail. After contacting them they hinted that the station will be broadcasting via DSTV and that they are currently working on this.

They will soon be conducting a survey to establish from Zimbabweans what they wish to see on TV. earGROUND shall keep you posted on this development.


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