Obert Chari regains mojo with Baba naAmai

He burst on to the music scene with the hit song Mebo in 2018. The track literally owned the year, topping the Radio charts and getting nominated for both NAMA, ZIMA and winning him an award. After a somewhat lukewarm 2019, Obert Chari released an album in June of last year titled Ubuntu.

By Plot Mhako

The album Ubuntu features seven tracks namely Sorry, Ubuntu, Baba na Mai and Takatadzeiko, Nhava Isingabvinze, Svikiro reMweya and Dherira.

Scene from the video

Just like the album Mariyambutsa which came out in 2017 but took nearly a year to get the attention which came through Mebo, his recent offering had not created much buzz but the video he dropped last week will most likely breath new life into the project and may potentially propel it with Baba naAmai making the lead.

The Sungura song speaks of children who neglect their parents who sacrificed and put in a lot of work to fend for them, and giving them education.

the message will resonate with a lot of people and families.

Aptly captured, the visuals shot by Hastings Chiromo aka Mr Hasty of Rocklife Media narrates the fate of a Mother who struggles then one day collapses to death. Upon her death, the children make efforts to give her a colorful sendoff but Chari questions what good will it do to take care of the dead when you never cared when they were still alive?

Chari vows that he will take care of his parents and family, working as much as he can to give them a comfortable life.

A well choreographed and superbly shot video telling a deep story.

Fast paced footwork, compelling images and captivating message make the 12 minutes and 30 seconds long video & song not seem so long.

Baba na Amai Video

Recoreded at Hermas Studios, the instrumentation, vocal arrangement, mixing and mastering of the song was well executed.

Ubuntu is an album that is worth your ear. It firmly confirms that Obert Chari is a very talented artist whose music will be with us for much longer.

In a facebook post the video director behind Baba naAmai Hastings Chiromo hinted that he was working on yet another video with Chari. Keep your EAR on the GROUND!


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