Revealing The FASHION boss ; One on One with Tafadzwa Zimoyo

He has written and captured many stories, giving the spotlight to a lot of talents and creatives from Zimbabwe, a lot that later became stars. Iam one of those people whose career pays homage to the illustrious work done by the ever joyful, gentle but shrewd scribe, Tafadzwa Zimoyo affectionately knows as The Boss a senior entertainment reporter with biggest daily newspaper in the country The Herald.

By Plot Mhako

Sometime last year i decided to flip the lens and focus on the man who has managed to cut a name for himself not only as a journalist but an influencer, a fashion icon and brand ambassador of note. Oftentimes writers never get their story written and celebrated in full.

Plot Mhako: PM / Tafadzwa Zimoyo: TZ

PM: From Swagger T to The Boss, may you take us through the metamorphosis?

Tafadzwa Zimoyo is the one people, my mother and family grew up knowing. The Boss came up after after my work in the media, well I used to be called Swagga T back then because of the swag and style and my niche market was the young ones. I used to dress in causal more and hated suits back then. I later decided to venture into the fashion industry which included attending a lot of events, writing, styling etc.

I remember at one particular event meeting Tawanda Mazhangara (TeeOne) from ZBC who said to me that the swag now needs to be elevated. He encouraged me to explore the fashion market. He said, “You are ‘The Boss’ you call the shots.”

Thats how the name came by and I was working with JanJam by that time. She used to dress me and we ‘killed it’ that time! I hate the colour green but she (Cynthia Bizure _ Jan Jam CEO) made me look like a prince with one particular green suit then I finally changed my brand name to The Boss.

Someone whose name i I won’t mention then said lets start pushing the brand as I will be your manager. She was my manager for three years, making sure all systems go.

I am still the same boy next door nothing has changed. Tafadzwa is a well known journalist while TheBoss is a fashion icon.

PM: Did you dream and aspire to become a journalist?

TZ: As a kid I wanted to be a lawyer, but it turned out the other way round. I must say maybe handina kunyatsoverenga (study) to the fullest whilst in high school because at that time they wanted 15points for one to study Law at university.

I blame my position at school as I was the Headboy lol and had many distractions but I do not regret the profession I have because it has opened many doors for me.

I was always a writer even at school we had a magazine and I remember the other class had theirs too so we fought through stories. What stirred me to write is maybe i was lonely while growing up.

not many people know I am artist- give me a pencil and I will prove.

Tafadzwa Zimoyo

PM: How has been your journey as a journalist so far?

TZ: My journey in the media has been interesting full of ups and downs but I thank the Lord for blessing me with such talent. I got to travel around the world and meeting top notch celebrities and it has also been an eyeopener especially being an Arts and Lifestyle reporter.

I love my job and always strive for the best.

PM: How do you handle stress that comes with deadlines?

TZ:Everyone gets stress but we all have different solution to cure it, as for deadlines I try not to miss it and have mastered the art, researching and writing on time. 

PM: You have become an authority when it comes to fashion and styling, how do you keep yourself ahead of trends?

TZ: I read and watch fashion trends and news. I used to have a personal stylist but now I do it on my own, picking a shirt and a trousers.

I FEEL blessed to be a brand ambassador for a leading fashion elite powerhouse 4May has put me on map

I sometimes fight lol with my brand stylist who tells me what to wear on particular event because in my mind I would have my own style. They always win because they are ahead when it comes to trends. They even try out new things and boom next day everyone want to dress like The Boss but we all cant be the same.

PM: What have been some of the highlights of your career so far?

TZ: I had an interview with Telemundo stars during their launch in Mairitius. I went to Nigeria meet Davido, Genevive Naji, Berla Mundi, Ramsey Noah among others courtesy of Multichoice.

I had an awesome experince of red carpet and brought the lessons home.

I had an interview with Jah Prayzah the time he released Sungano and he was just a boy from Budiriro with his arm guilds now he is a star.

So i would say my biggest career highlight is when i had to interview the Nigerian stars. “I went back to my hotel room structured questions and boom when i was on set i was so excited meeting them and even forgot another question my boss requested me to ask lol.” I was with Tsitsi Ndabambi of Zimbojam on the trip.

The Boss and Davido

With time i have grown and now very confident and i can tackle any artist without fear.

PM: Do you read books? If so, what has been your most recent read?

TZ: Yes I read books. In fact I have a little condition which has been prescribed by the doctor that read a book so that you forget some worries. Currently, I am reading “The Hilarious World of Depression” by John Moe. I love Netflix and sometimes i am too slow to cope up. I just finished Dynasty because of fashion sense and I see myself as Carrington lol. 

PM: You are very active on Social media, have you ever been cyberbullied and if so, how do you handle them?

TZ: I used to cry and get stressed when someone cyberbullied me. I have been a victim of cyberbullying because of my fame but now I have grown some thick skin.

I dont give bullies attention and i let them talk.

You remember the story i did about Zimhiphop Awards? Everyone was in my inbox attacking and insulting me but i said to myself this is me and i am the one who wrote it let me face music. I felt it was  a good story but everyone is entitled to an opinion

PM: How do stay in your lane and whats your advise to an emerging writer?

TZ: Just stay focused everyone has his style of writing don’t try to be like someone else. Always read other people article and do not forget researching is key.

PM: Wedding bells; Are they ringing anytime soon?

I know most people have been anxiously waiting for the wedding. Definitely now is the time to order your suits as you about to get invited.

Yes I am seeing someone but she doesnt want limelight on relationship status but she is on facebook lol

Anotolikerwo mapost amudhara but becomes jealous lol.

There you have it, its been an exciting conversation with The Boss, see you on the red carpet after the lockdown.

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