Iconic hip hop promoter NABOTH RIZLA writes book on airplay and sustainability

Driven by pure love and passion for the Hip Hop culture, Naboth Rizla real name Naboth Rimayi has spent at least a decade and half promoting and documenting the culture in Africa and reaching out to some global heads.

By Plot Mhako

Trading different jackets from being an MC, writer, promoter and running a thriving clothing line (da-grape-vine) , Rizla’s story makes a compelling read for every musician especially at a time the world is under lockdown and most artists can not stage live concerts.

It is a must have guide on how you can monetize and sustain your musical career.

Plot Mhako

The award winning Rizla is a seasoned Hip Hop presenter having covered the genre for over a decade. He is the founder of  Zimbabwe Hip Hop website  www.hiphop263.com & TV Show. Naboth Rizla has also worked with South African Hip Hop magazine, Hype Magazine  , as well as making contributions to Zimbabwe’s Sunday Mail newspaper and World Hip Hop Market.com. He currently hosts a show on Jamaica’s Zanj Radio where he features a wide selection of Zimbabwean and African music.

Rizla wrote for the biggest Hip Hop magazine in Africa, HYPE where he interviewed several international stars and kept the spotlight on Zimbabwe’s hip hop artists.

As a promoter he has been instrumental in organising several Hip Hop events around Zimbabwe and also in Botswana. Some of the artists who featured at his platform Da_GrapeVive Battles have since become big stars.

In the picture Asaph, Rizla, Psyko

Last month King Boaz had an interview with Rizzla on earGROUND


Are you struggling to submit your music and get airplay, to make money from your music or to make a living from your music career?Artist, manager, entrepreneur and multi-media journalist Naboth B. Rimayi (aka Naboth RIZLA) shares methods and practices he wishes he had known while starting out his 15 year music industry career.

Selling out without selling out: A Musician’s guide to airplay and sustainability

Whether you are a new or established Musician/Rapper from Africa or overseas this book will help you identify suitable radio platforms (on-line and off-line, submit your music, get airplay (heard) and get paid. It goes on to outline ways to monetize your career in a sustainable way that will allow you to produce the music you love without compromising your brand’s identity and what you stand for.

Imagine being able to sell out; shows, tours, music, merchandise etc. without having to sell out your identity?

This book provides that balance in creating financial freedom for yourself while making the music you love. So how does it do this? By sharing the right approach to use, detailed information to know, how to monetise your music how to increase your income streams and how to create opportunities for your brand to take advantage of.Selling out without selling out will help you with actionable advice, tips and tricks that you can use to make your music business career sustainable. So if you are interested in making a living doing what you love, then this musician’s guide is for you!

You can buy the book on Amazon.

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