NåGuG a musical voice to reckon

She is one voice everyone needs to hear! Tendai Nelson a wonderfully amazing artist who has been doing music for a long time as singer, songwriter. The talented versatile musician used to front a band called Atribal8 between 2009 and 2011 before embarking on a solo career using the name NaGuG. This year she is set to release new music and some videos.

By Plot Mhako

NaGuG, a unique act, whose sound and performance is distinctive to its own signature. A talented artist with a richly diverse taste for music although closely identified with, Jazz, world and soul music genres. NåGuG’s sound finds itself encompassing influences from a large range of genres but remain rooted in her Zimbabwean heritage.


The Songwriter, producer, soloist, singer, performer mainly an Alto but can sing full range who can read music for the vocal instrument combined with her acting and stage experience.

Performances are soulful and captivating.

NaGuG songs have lyrical depth, often evoking one’s thoughts. NaGuG, the brand, portrays the artist’s love for expression of self, art and fashion.

Below are some exclusive tracks and videos, yet to be released.

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