JØY to drop New Day featuring KiD X : A glimpse of MATTER-MORE-FOR-SIS

Joy Rukanzakanza aka JØY is one artist to keep an ear and eye on this year. She is a star ready to shoot. earGROUND sampled part of her forthcoming album MATTER-MORE-FOR-SIS which carries the single New Day featuring top South African hip hop artist KiD X. The album is a complete body of work!

By Plot Mhako

New Day will be accompanied by a video and will drop on the 8th of January this year. Judging from the samples we heard, the album will most certainly create a buzz.


But who is JØY?

Born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, where she spent most part of her childhood JØY discovered her talent while singing in primary school and since then, has never looked back. She participated in choral competitions throughout high school where she was the lead in the choir and led the choir through numerous local and regional competitions and also participated in choral events that were held in and outside her community.

Upon graduating high school, she moved to the US to pursue her tertiary studies at Bryn Mawr College. She managed to record professionally while studying and would also fit in recording sessions each time she went back home to visit.

In 2016, Shingirira by Skaiva ft JØY was released and the song got a lot of positive feedback in the country and beyond.

This resulted in her collaborating and engaging musicians from South Africa where she managed to work with Enosoul and they produced an upbeat house song called Tamba. After graduating college, JØY moved to New York to pursue her career in the financial services industry.

While working in Wall Street has been a dream of hers, she has never neglected her dream of pursuing music and is currently in the process of releasing her debut album which departs from the dance sound she usually works on.

The upcoming project features a fusion of alternative sounds including but not limited to Reggae, Neo-soul, Pop, Funk, and Hip-hop.

New Day by JØY featuring top award winning South African rapper KiD X is a hip hop vibes love song, written from the perspective of a lady who despite the disappointing relationship history, does not give up on love. She is assuring her future love that she will disregard her past experiences and love like never before.

Behind the Scenes: KiD X + Jøy

New Day is a fusion of R&B and Hip Hop.

“Expect to be blown away by MATTER-MORE-FOR-SIS – an unconventional body of work that explores the theme of love and betrayal in ways that are relatable to most”, said JØY.

She added on saying that, “Through its fusion of primary genres and sub-genres like hip hop, jazz, funk, dubstep amongst others, this album births alternative sounds which, when coupled with cleverly crafted lyrics, create a refreshing yet thought-provoking experience for listeners who are taken through the journey of disappointment in love but are again reassured by songs such as New Day that there is always hope at the end of the tunnel.”

The song New Day is the 9th track which is extracted from the JØY’s upcoming project, MATTER-MORE-FOR-SIS.

New Day will be followed up by another single and then the album later in April.

We had an interview with JØY a few months ago. Below is the conversation.