Mambo’s Chicken reveals disruptive recipe

The fast food space in Zimbabwe is a very competitive market that had for years been dominated by a few institutions which enjoyed great monopoly. In the past few years we have seen the entry by several new players and one of the most prominent has been Mambo’s Chicken with a very unconventional, disruptive and outstandingly creative marketing approach. 

By Plot Mhako

Mambo’s Chicken is a brand that exhibits Royalty as revealed by its name which is derived from the term Mambo…which is the Shona word for King.

earGROUND caught up with the Pamela Nyakabau the Marketing Manager at Mambo’s Chicken a food chain that has literally been stuck on the lips of many for long to find out the secret behind their success.

“After realising the deplorable state of customer service in the industry, the brand was formed to be the solution and a game changer with regards to the customer experience in the fast food industry. We came with a mission to give customers the Kingly treatment they deserve.”, revealed Pamela.

Pamela Nyakabau _ Mambos Chicken Marketing Manager

Mambo’s Chicken has won several national awards including the exceptional marketing award courtesy of the Market Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) in the Best Social media and Digital Campaign of the year in 2019

Offering a unique product range of Fried and Grilled Chicken and a wide menu which includes Burgers, Wraps, Ugali (Sadza), Njano Rice, Hot Beverages, Mambos’ Chicken is one of the most sought after brand in Harare.

Boasting of a competitive edge which prides itself on what they call the Mambo’s Experience. Pamela explained that the all-round experience for the customer and consists of four key fundamental pillars namely:

a) Product
We have a unique flavour that has made us the go to restaurant for the vast patrons who have had the opportunity  to taste our products.
Our approach is we only have to make sure you taste our food once then the food itself will take care of the rest, in terms of you coming again and again.

b) Customer Service
The statement of ‘Customer is King’ is fulfilled at Mambo’s. All our products and services are customer centric and this is evidenced with the way we treat our customers once they set foot in the shop.
Our Customer Delight Officers ( a.k.a cashiers) are taught to receive cash in a respectable manner and gesture, everyone who has interacted with them can attest to this.

c) Ambience
Our shop’s ambience is refreshing from hygiene, temperature to music. Patrons can use our restrooms with ease, calmness and comfort as we go the extra mile in ensuring they are hygienic.

d) Communication
Our Brand is fun, exciting and innovative. We make sure we engage our customers in conversation even if it’s not chicken related. People talk of Market which is great, there is however an extra step called the Mind Share which is the one we go for by the continuous engagement we do with our customers in our online communication. It is difficult to mention the fast food restaurant industry without thinking Mambo’s Chicken.

We have assembled a crazy team that has what we call the Mambo’s DNA and a Mambo is supposed to innovate, to dare and be bold.


Living in a dynamic environment and a changing landscape which requires Brands to be agile in order to realise their intended goals. Mambo’s Chicken is a brand that is aware to these dynamics and the opportunities they bring for their business.

Mambo’s Chicken team going through a Covid training session

Boldly exploring and utilising the digital space intertwined with business, social, political, religious aspects and whilst tapping into the global and local social trends.

Asked which of their campaigns so far has generated the biggest buzz, Pamela opened up saying, ” Our annual Vanniversary always generate interest each year…I would rank it first although our Mambo’s Evolution came close.”

Doc Vikela performing at the launch event

Probably most people could be wondering if the social media campaigns are yielding real impact and results?

Indeed Social Media has been effective and we are here to stay.

Pamela Nyakabau

“There are widespread calls nationwide for us to open branches as people are yearning for the Brand to come to them. The growth in terms of the Brand collateral and awareness is evident.
Let me take this opportunity to tell everyone that there is a direct relationship between our Social Media activity and sales.”

“Witty, bold, trendy, colourful and tasty”


Walking downtown Harare one can not help but notice the glitz and glamour brought to the city by a Mambo’s Chicken festive promotion running under the theme CHRISTMAS Under The Stars promotion.

“We want to bring the traditional Christmas feeling and as evidenced by our lighting we have gone all out in achieving that. We also have Christmas meals we have created specifically for this period and  patrons can check them out.”

Downtown Harare

The promotion is aimed at bringing a traditional Christmas feeling and as evidenced by the lighting design along Park Lane Avenue.

We want people to feel the festive ambience while they also enjoy our meals in-store”

Mambo’s Chicken

Mambo’s has been one of the companies that has been investing and supporting the local arts and artists in Zimbabwe and this year as the creative sector was hit heavily by Covid_19 they intensified the creative engagement a gear up as they hosted a colourful, fun filled Mambos Evolution event and several activities. They have worked with numerous artists that include comedians Doc Vikela, Tinaye, Boss Kedha, musicians Stunner, Leonard Mapfumo, Roki, Djs, Models and other entertainers.

“Indeed we have been working with artists from various disciplines in the execution of our concepts. We have even engaged international acts ( Dimpipi- South Africa) We have established very good relations with them as we still continue to engage every time we plan the next project.

What are we looking forward to in the future?

Customers should look forward to more craziness and excitement from us. Branches definitely, but the location of the next branch will be revealed soon!”

Until next time, the chickens will be coming to roast.

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