Tashamiswa drops bars and draps in 7:30 Streetwear

She is fly and dope! These two words can easily sum up the super talented, daring and heavy bar throwing fast rising hip hop artist Tashamiswa.

By Plot Mhako / 7:30

Following a firm comprehension of the core values of 7:30 and all that which they stand for, the explanation as to why they’d be drawn towards up and coming flames like Tashamiswa  becomes redundant. That’s one house that craves and lives for the conflagration.

Tashamiswa  is truly an icon in the making and a voice that cannot be muted; its “all roads lead to superstardom” for her. She’s a burst of energy and character, but in human form.

Mixing streetwear and music has always been the culture at 7:30 apparel. They are always pushing beyond mainstream territory. Music is engraved in their DNA.


Tashamiswa is an emerging Zimbabwean Hip Hop artist known for her single “Crew” produced by multi talented producer Amvis, her collaboration with Nutty O “Pon Me”, her strong lyricism and her daunting persona. It’s quite apparent that this is only the beginning.

Tashamiswa’s rap career began sprouting during her preteens and she has been making strides at securing her spot in the industry since then. She has grown to become a receptacle for all things that make up a star; style, mounds of personality, creativity, proficient lyricism and versatility.

Some have even gone so far as to dub her the Fela Kuti reincarnate, and that is no small feat. Honestly, that alone should be reason enough for one to get with her music. We know 7:30 did! 

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