Olama Hearts team up with Namibia’s Indileni to drop Mvura

Mvura is a song by an exceptionally gifted Namibian Singer Songwriter, Indileni and a Zimbabwean trioOlama Hearts which is now based in Namibia.

By Plot Mhako

Olama Hearts is an Afro fusion outfit which works along with Zunde records. Olama Hearts memebers include Brian Mhlanga AKA Chipinge named so owing to the fact that he comes from the small Town of Chipinge in Zimbabwe, Paul Muchefa AKA Slage Pro who comes from Chikanga Mutare and Ability Mazarire from Masvingo.

Olama Hearts

Mvura is a celebratory and Thanksgiving song in which the artist acknowledges the blessings that rain brings to the Savanna.

This band is an embodiment of amazing talent, a rich cultural diversity and pure creativity.

Their sound and creative genius has all the traits of an international cultural export which you can put at any festival around the world and be wowed. They are on a mission!

Keep your eyes and your ears on the ground as the star rises from a place where the desert meets the sea.

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