Masiyephambili a powerful rallying call for Bulawayo

A song of unity, a song of resilience, a song of renewal , a song of reason and truth! This aptly sums up the soul and spirit that defines Masiyephambili a talent studded and moving song that was released a week ago by Vusa Mkhaya and MGIZ Publishing.

By Plot Mhako

Vusa Mkhaya is the Artist and Repertoire arm of MGIZ Publishing a label set up to push Zimbabwean artists to the rest of the world. As part of this initiative, Vusa and the team at MGIZ came up with an idea of producing a song that celebrates Bulawayo and it’s resilience. Titled Masiyephambili several artists united in sound, message and melody.

Masiyephambili features Cingi, Lady Tshawe, Novuyo Seagirl, Mimmie Tarukwana, Vuyo Brown, Qeqeshiwe, Asaph, Mawiza, Taz, Njabulo Moyo, Lamas Ellz, T3rry Tempo, Killemol, Desire Moyoxide, Erastus Nleya, Mthabisi Moyo & Joel Nyoni) · Vusa Mkhaya Masiyephambili (feat. Cingi, Lady Tshawe, Novuyo Seagirl, Mimmie Tarukwana, Vuyo Brown, Qeqeshiwe, Asaph, Mawiza, Taz, Njabulo Moyo, Lamas Ellz, T3rry Tempo, Killemol, Desire Moyoxide, Erastus Nleya, Mthabisi Moyo & Joel Nyoni)

earGROUND caught up with the Austria based multi-award winning and globally acclaimed Vusa Mkhaya who is also a member of the iconic Insingizi group.

Vusa shared more on the project , “The project was motivated by trying to unite the young and old artists in Bulawayo. I observed that it was not easy to cross collaborate across genres and age groups unless you are from the same circles” 

Vusa Mkhaya _ pic _ MGIZ

The Artists are al under the MGIZ label which was started by myself, Archie Mhone and Sisa Senkosi. Our goal is to help publish and promote artists beyond their circles and into the global community. 

“Bringing artists together was not so difficult but coordinating was a bit of a challenge since artists were not all in one location and me being away in Viena but ultimately we managed to complete the recordings according to our plans.” 

Qeqe Mntambo

“The main goal of the song is to motivate people. “We do not lose hope, we are from Bulawayo”. The year was very difficult and artists were hard hit by the pandemic but we remain resilient and forward looking. ”

— Vusa Mkhaya


The song is pregnant with message and the production brings out impressive artistry accompanied by brilliant instrumentation”

Plot Mhako

Vusa revealed that the song has been receiving great support, saying, “The response so far has been good, several stations are playing the song.  The Mayor of Bulawayo also gave his support through a Facebook post”

“Currently the artists are shooting the video and we hope to get it out around Christmas.” 

Masiyephambili means lets move forward, the project is not a once off initiative and we hope to do more collaborations with artists being drawn from all over the country. 

Vusa Mkhaya

“It is a costly process but we are very determined and driven to make it work.” 

Top rapper Wisdom Mawiza Moyo – Sibanda aka Mawiza who was part of the project also shared his experiences, “The first time l met Vusa was years back when he came to Luveve in studio to lay a verse on one of Cal_Vin songs. The studio session was amazing and l fell in love with how he takes his music serious. Working with him was a dream come true to me because l always look up to him and him calling me in his song made me feel like i have made it”

The hip hop star Mawiza added on saying, “My verse talks bout how we go hard each and every day and how great Bulawayo is. I think its a great song. The fact that it brought so many artist together make it different and unique”

Masiyephambili is the the official motto of Zimbabwe’s second largest city Bulawayo, the City of Kings! kontuthu ziyathunqa! This motto has been turned into an anthem and war cry by various artists from Bulawayo, they have turned it to make a song that will leave you green with envy if you’re not from Bulawayo! This track makes you want to be from that beautiful City of Kings and Queens.”

Marshall Shonhai, Music critic

One of the collaborators, prominent poet Desire Moyoxide said it is an alternative source of inspiration, encouragement and motivation for the people of KoBulawayo at a time when everything national is against her.

“Besides sending a message of hope, resilience and vigilance to the people of KoBulawayo , the project has shown the power of art in uniting and strengthening the people.”

“Iam a protest poet driven by truth to power. My message centred around revitalisation of the City of Kings and having a shared vision and sense of belonging”

Desire Moyoxide

“Was honoured to be working with the great ancestor Vusa Mkhaya and even more honoured to be in a song that featured amazing artists from the city (some whom i am huge fans of).” Award winning actress and poet Lady Tshawe

“It really showed us that in Bulawayo we can work together and push each other to greater heights. We can create our own tables instead of waiting for someone to invite us to theirs.

Lady Tshawe

“My spoken word was spreading the message that Bulawayo is a city full of diversity in its people and in its very streets there’s a rich history that can never be taken away from us. Its a message of pride in being royal.” said Lady Tshawe

“Receiving a call from Vusa Mkhaya and him wanting me to be part of his Project was like a dream come true I have always looked up to that man to me he is a Guru and I hope to do more work with me. I’m the one who played the pianos and believe it came out proper” Joel Nyoni