Janet Manyowa, Winky D, Jah Prayzah in groundbreaking Pay Per View (PPV) concerts

The COVID19 pandemic forced the world into a total shutdown leaving many if not all industries paralysed. Even with the world slowly opening up, many in the creative, cultural and events industries are still yet to open 100% and Zimbabwe is no exception. 

By Marshall Shonhai

All events were put on hold and the ones that are going on now have to stick to the strict 100 guest or less as per the COVID19 regulations laid down by the Government.

Gateway Stream

The need for entertainment saw the rise of online shows with mainly Facebook Live being the platform of choice because it is accessible to many Zimbabweans. Some shows like Gara Mumba and Those on Nush TV were so popular that at any given time they could peak at anything between 10 and 15 thousand viewers.

Sad part is these were free views. Imagine if those thousands had paid at least $2 per each device? Imagine the money artists could have made?

This rude awakening that shows can actually be banned has left many promoters, event organizers and artists themselves scratching their heads for a solution. The solution is simple and its time Zimbabwe moved with the times.

That solution is PAY PER VIEW!!!!

What is Pay Per View?

Pay-Per-View (PPV) actually means exactly what it sounds like. When you add PPV to a package, you have the ability to watch shows on a pay per view basis—meaning, you pay for each individual show that you watch on that specific PPV channel. … You only pay when you purchase a specific show.

Back im the day PPV used to be via television and with our sole broadcaster who sadly does not have capacity to offer such services. PPV would have been a pipe dream in Zimbabwe. Thank goodness for the internet  now PPV is available and can be streamed online.

The PPV frontier is the next to conquer in the local showbiz and it also provides an exciting opportunity by way of a new audience.

Marshall Shonhai

Just like those Facebook live events proved, many people who would not ordinarily attend a Winky D or Jah Prayzah show can now do so in the comfort of their homes. Its big business and below let me give a few numbers to show how popular PPV is in the rest Of the world and the opportunities available. Its not just music that can benefit from Pay Per View.

The earliest form of pay-per-view was Closed Circuit Television. Thriller in Manila!  the third and final boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier was the largest CCTV match drawing 100 million buys worldwide in 1975. Closed Circuit TV was gradually replaced by PPV in the 80s and 90s. To date the highest Viewed PPV Sporting events in history are all boxing matches and are as follows.

1• Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor. Year: 2017. Pay-Per-View Buys: 6.7 Million. Revenue: $700 Million

2• Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao. Year: 2015. Pay-Per-View Buys: 4.4 Million. Revenue: $400 Million

3• Oscar de la Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather. Year: 2007. Event: The World Awaits. Pay-Per-View Buys: 2.4 Million. Revenue: $136 Million

4• Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Álvarez. Year: 2013. Event: The One. Pay-Per-View Buys: 2.2 Million. Revenue: $50 Million

5• Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson II. Year: 1997. Event: The Sound and the Fury. Pay-Per-View Buys: 1.9 MillionRevenue: $100 Million

Gateway Stream

Some clever people have taken notice of this opportunity and have moved in on it. On the 13th of December and 18th of December Zimbabwe hosts what should be it’s first PPV events. The Janet Manyowa Sounds of Victory EP launch will go down as the first ever PPV event in Zimbabwe with the Kayse Connect  Best of Both Worlds concert  featuring Jah Prayzah and Winky D DiBigman a few days later as the second.

Janet Manyowa

A Rainbow Tourism Group creation called Gateway Stream has created the platform and its up and running already selling tickets for those two shows. The cost of both shows is $USD2.00 or the equivalent in RTGS and that gets you access for one device be it your phone or laptop. No need to show up at the HICC with your $2.00 you will be sent back home. The few attending the actual event are a 100 people for each show (As required by law) and that is the VIP experience that is being spoken about. Those tickets are available on the Gateway Stream website and they are very limited and selling fast.

Jah Prayzah & Winky D

Its an exciting new challenge for us as event planners but this is the way we must go. In the next two days I will be sharing how you can purchase your tickets and explaining the whole process. In the meanwhile check out the link below.




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