Mussa Effect basks in Woshora’s radio glory

The Turkey based contemporary Zimbabwean afro fusion artist has made record by climbing the Canadian radio charts 16 places up in just a one week. Born Kuziva Calvin Musandu, Mussa Effect now holds the number 1 position with his “Woshora” track on the Canadian After5radio station. This came as a surprise to both him and the world and could actually be the moment for him to break into the industry with more interesting tracks.

By Fadzai Mathabire

DJ ShuGa-a, a host from After5radio gave us an exclusive on how Woshora scooped that spot on the charts.

“I first heard about Mussa Effect when he came for an interview on Thando Amy’s show and I enjoyed his music. I went on to feature his song on the top 20 chart show in the last segment called the future. Mussa spent 3 weeks without any hits until he requested for a vote card.” 

DJ ShuGa-a,

The After5radio host commended Mussa’s fans for being supportive moving him from number 17 to number 4 in a very short time and in turn making a record. “The following week when we posted the vote cards Woshora took the lead within hours. Mussa’s song had the record for the song that climbed the most, climbing from number 17 to 4.” He said. Who would have thought that another love song would steal the first place from MOOVE II the amapiano ReMix by Mufaro DJ Terry Moyaz ft Solyd the Plug which had been hogging the spot for 3 weeks. 


Woshora which was released early this year is basically about a sad love story and the effects of an unhealthy relationship, referred to by Mussa as “A story as old as time”. His distributor, Jungle Entertainment Ventures facilitated this release after which Mussa had an interview with After5 radio station. The fans’ response to Woshora surprised him he said, “I was surprised by the response we got from Woshora because when I released it I saw it as just another song as I attempt to break into the industry. However people seemed to really connect and relate to the story”. 

Could this be the break for Mussa who is set to release another single tomorrow the 9th of December at 9am? This will be available on his Youtube channel MussaEffectVevo. In his music, we can see how he is comfortable with experimenting with his sound to make sure that the people are entertained.

“I’m very experimental with my sound and I don’t like sticking to one thing. The sound people heard last year, and are hearing this year will not the same sound they hear in 2021.”

Mussa Effect

Looking back to his musical journey, we see that the contemporary Afro Fusion artist has always proved to be a go getter. It was the patrons at Sandringham High School who identified him singing in the shower and encouraged him to join the School choir which was recording music. If you remember Sandringham choir, it became famous for “Makaponesa Mweya Wangu” which was a collaboration with Sabastian Magacha. From there, Mussa’s rise to fame came in 2016 with a hit single “Silent Night” which landed on regional charts like Africa Hot 30 on Trace Africa amongst other international TV Stations. The single’s success became the gateway for Mussa who not only got recognized regionally at Toya Delazy Rock The City Concert where he hosted and performed, but also awarded him a performance across the oceans at the Toni Braxton and Babyface welcome party in the same year. 

The young record breaker has managed to leverage on collaborations to help him archieve milestones. He suggested that his feature on the Kure remix contributed to the rise of his Woshora single. Woshora was strategically released after the release of the Kure remix by his distributor, Jungle Records. Mussa has also worked on a couple of projects with artists like Clyde Banks and Dices over the years. He promises a good 2021 as he continues to explore with his music. Mussa was in the Top 10 of Project Aloft Star in 2017, powered by Sony Music Middle East. This was indeed very competitive but he finished the race sixth, just two places out the 1-4 selection band.

What makes Mussa Effect diverse is that he is very experimental with his music and so he is comfortable with changing his sound often which in turn allows him to grow and distinguish himself. The free spirited 25 year old has put in some work and is slowly seeing the early fruits as fans appreciate his growth in music.

“For me that means that there is progress and people are watching. It means people are enjoying the music that I am making and that is a good sign for every artist. I am very happy that it is happening in the way that it is happening”,

Mussa Effect

His music could go far with the help of fans as DJ Shuga-a believes, “If he continues to get the support from his fans, (who I think are amazing, kudos to them!), Mussa Effect is here to stay at number 1 for a long time. I would actually want to know what his secret is and I promise I won’t disclose it”. 

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