AWARDS: Zimbabwean film MIRAGE nominated 3 times at the AMAA

Despite the global pandemic and following recession for the global film  industry, 2020 has been a fantastic year for Zimbabwean movies. It has seen  the release of quality films, such as “Gonarezhou” and “Shaina” and we have  been excited to see “Cook Off” being the first Zimbabwean movie ever to be  accepted onto the global streaming platform Netflix. 

By Film Correspondent

To end the year with a blast, we are pleased to announce that the local  production “Mirage” has been nominated for not only one, but 3 awards for  Africa’s most prestigious award – the AMAA (African Movie Academy Award).  The nominations are for best soundtrack (Prudence Katomeni Mbofana and  Gwevedzi), best actress in a supporting role (Charmaine Mujeri) and the main  award for the best first feature film by a director (Malaika Mushandu). 

Malaika the former Miss Zimbabwe 2011 has already made a name for herself in the modelling world, but with  her debut feature film “Mirage”, she makes an impressive entry into the film  world. Lending her talent for storytelling to the film industry, she wants to give  a voice to the often-underrepresented half of the population – the woman. 

Therefore, it is not by accident that “Mirage” is about three women who  escape prison, only to find out that the walls of life are much harder to  overcome. 

The script was written by seasoned writer Virginia Jekanyika and the film was  produced by legendary producer Joe Njagu in collaboration with MMX  Productions and Malaika Productions. 

The film is yet to have its official world premiere, likely to be held early next  year, depending on the development of COVID-19. The award show will be  held in Lagos on the of December, but due to the virus restrictions the  show will also be streamed live via the AMAA Facebook group and various  other platforms – please see the AMAA website for details. 


As for the next plans, the filmmakers are keeping their cards tight for the time  being – but safe to say that we will hear more from them and form the movie  “Mirage” in the beginning of 2021 – and that we can look forward to.

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