Two Shows in Two Countries, One Night! Winky D teleports

The Gaffa President as Winky D is affectionately known amongst the legion of his fans will tonight set a new precedence. He will headline two major concerts, one in Zimbabwe and another one in South Africa.

By Plot Mhako

Two weeks ago Winky D appeared on a poster for a concert dubbed JOBURG SHUTDOWN set for the PALACE ROOFTOP and a week later CBZ Bank announced a star studded lineup also featuring the artist as they celebrate their 40th Anniversary.

#CBZAt40 celebrating 4 decades of successful partnerships!

After the CBZ flier came out there was a lot of debate on social media with people discussing how he could possibly fulfil the two gigs given they were happening almost at the same time in one day. Knowing how shrewd his management team is this was obviously not a random act but a well thought out plot.

The Johannesburg event promoted by Munya Touch will feature Buffalo Souljah whom Winky D has collaborated with twice before on Rugare and Ndidye Mari. The Amapiano queen and BET award winning Sha Sha will also be part of the line-up together with rising dancehall artist Paddy Watts.


Across Limpopo he will perform alongside the living legend Zex Manatsa, Selmor Mtukudzi, Tamy Moyo, Roki, Leonard Mapfumo, Tererai Mungwadi and Chase Skuza. The event will be beamed live on facebook via NastTv page.

Amid all the confusion and euphoria the Gaffa president yesterday allayed the fears through a coded facebook post.

Teleport Activated, dont miss out tomorrow as we celebrate CBZ Holdings at 40 on Nashtvzimbabwe , and the End Of Year Jorburg SHUTDOWN at the Palace Rooftop.#haisikidsgame

Winky D

The keyword in that message was Teleport which relates to his song area 51 and something his fans and followers could relate to. A lookup for the word’s meaning gives a clear picture of how everything will unfold.

To teleport is to disappear and then reappear at a different place. … If you could teleport, you wouldn’t have to drive a car, fly in a plane, or even walk anywhere: you could simply teleport there. The word is made up of tele, which is Greek for “distance,” and French portare for “carry.”

That single word put everything to rest, confirming that the artist would indeed fulfil both events and give yet another “lyrical exhibition”.

Winky D _ pic Plot Mhako

Since Winky has made a physical appearance in Joburg he will most likely appear on the other stage in virtual form.

As the momentum and excitement for both events gathers, the airspace will be jammed for the next 24 or more hours as people discuss and celebrate the Poor People’s Devotee’s ever green performance.

Until next time, the plot tickens.

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