Tetena Amount: Poptain is unstoppable!

He literally owned the year 2020. Poptain has been painting a colourful musical journey with strokes of lyrical dexterity and versatility. His latest offering Tetena Amount is a banger and will set the the festive mood alight.

By Plot Mhako

Poptain real name Ameen Jaleel Matanaga has been in the game for long but this year his star hit the limelight and he has never looked back dropping hit after hit making him one of the most sought after artist in the country right now.

A great composer who displays rare musical attributes opened the year with a Mixtape, the Yardbwoys which fared well but the traction picked up after Duffle Bag a track that features Mc Kampton, Prosper Fi Real , Anita Jackson & Kanter the Janter off the mixtape blew up. The song’s video which premiered on the ZimCelebs Ndipe Mic sessions helped push the song and propel two artists into stardom; Anita Jaxson and Poptain.

Interestingly a lot of his previous releases started to get new life with the likes of Pfau Pfau (off the Soul Ties riddim by Oskid Productions) which dropped in 2019, Zvandiri and Freedom which came out in 2018.

Poptain real name Ameen Jaleel Matanaga

After getting his first shot at the Ngoda TV online concert series Poptain delivered and mesmerized leaving the fans in awe and demanding for more. In no time, he collaborated with Tocky Vibes on Majoma, then Munhu Wenyama, another single Never give up, before the monster hit Fadza Mutengi together with Reggae sensation Allanah.

Fadza Mutengi instantly became a hit and a national anthem and the Yardbwoy as he is affectionately known didnt stop. He teamed up with Anita Jaxson to drop Fire and followed up with a video and then visuals from his old song Freedom.


As his star continued to shoot some naysayers started to pull the comparison card pitting him against the ABX commander Nutty O and in no time the two gave us a surprise joint track Kokai and a superb video. Kokai is undoubtedly one of the biggest songs to come out of 2020 in Zimbabwe.

When we thought Poptain was going to put some breaks and take time to work on new content it seems he had long since kept some cards up his sleeves and he is not stopping, not anytime soon.

Today he released a new video, Tetena amount. The song is catchy, easy on the ear and could not have come at any appropriate time other than now.

This will definitely see us through the festive season despite social restrictions imposed by the Covid_19 pandemic Tetena Amount will bring some cheers on our faces and the visuals will definitely bring color and flavour.

The choice of locations, pimped out sets and props used in the video make it more relatable, combined with the choreography from the youthful dancers.

The wordplay, mix in languages, street lingo and the flow in the song laced with the Afrobeat sound brought some magic.

Part of the lyrics:

Kuli namowa wokudhula vatete

Huchi mama kugeza hamunete

Ndangoona Ganda Ende riteete

Huya kuno

Tetena amounti chero ukavhima nesauti


Mashampopo Machakuti usazongovhiringwa nechakuti iweee

Tetena amounti chero ukavhima nesauti 


Mashampopo Machakuti usazongovhiringwa nechakuti iweee.

The song was produced by one of the finest young producers Leekay and shot by Bezaleel Mhako and edited by Edible Elevens. His management Creative Kulture Africa definitely knows what they are doing in grooming the international star in the making.

Quickly becoming prominent for not only his moving and flawless performance, Poptain is stealing many hearts with his witty dance moves.

Until next time, enjoy the music as more artists are set to drop new material. The plot thickets!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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