Sharonrose: Khumbul’ekhaya rekindles many flames

It’s not always that the hype an artist creates before releasing new works matches the quality of the material that they finally drop. Sharorose just did that with her new song and video Khumbul’ekhaya which she released today.

By Plot Mhako

The project which she considers as her first major solo project will touch the hearts of many especially millions of the Zimbabwean diaspora and anyone who misses a place they call home.

Born Sharonrose Manhiri, the artist has lived the greater part of her life in the United Kingdom after relocating with her family at age nice. Interestingly she has not lost connection with her motherland and has never stopped missing home as she reminisces in Khumbul’ekhaya.

The Covid_19 pandemic has further separated and divided families and friends and the world is yearning for that physical re-connection.”

The beautiful Afrosoul jam speaks tells a beautiful story of a love sick person who longs to come back home to their lover.

Aptly captured in the video, a guy is separated from his lover by work but remains in-touch through letters something that invokes sentimental emotions especially for the old school generation.

Scene from the Video

With some scenes shot in two recreational parks, the visuals reminds us of the good old days when urban parks were a love nest and brought so many hearts together in harmony with nature.

Video Scene

As if that is not enough, the motion pictures bring back the old AVM bus loaded with emotion and melody as the The Outfit Band, double bass guitarist Sam Siwela perform from the roof of the bus whilst the images capture the skyline of the beautiful City of Kings and Queens.

Shot in two countries, Zimbabwe and UK, the song and video perfectly eliminates the distance barrier marrying the message, melody, backing vocals, instrumentation and the images into a well knit body of art whose lifespan could be timeless.

” I am working on an EP dubbed Strings and Roses that will  be released in 2021 but I will release some singles first. I am looking forward to collaborating with a number of artists as I believe collaborations lead to musical magic and this is evident through the great collaborations we have seen coming out of Zimbabwe in 2020 alone,”


After spending many years in the shadows as a backing vocalist for many local and international artists, Sharonrose is a blooming solo artist set for greater heights.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Until next time, the plot thickens!

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