Zimbabwean comedians Munya and Tinaye set for Kenyan tour

On the 26th November 2020, Moto Republik in collaboration with Creatives Garage a  creative hub in the heart of Nairobi, will support a Kenyan tour by two of Zimbabwe’s  freshest new comedians Munyaradzi Guramatunhu and Tinaye. The tour is put together  by Creative South, an African network of creative hubs that is all about building creative  touring circuits in the region.  

By earGROUND with excerpts from MAGAMBA Network

The two Zimbabwean comedians are popular for their impressions of Fadzayi Mahere  and Nelson Chamisa on Magamba TVs ‘The Week’.

The comedians are lined up for a  number of activities including networking events – where they will be awarded the  opportunity to meet fellow Kenyan comedians – tours of creative spaces and production  houses in Kenya and will feature as guests on a local Kenyan podcast.

The two  Zimbabwean comedians will also visit the studios of the famous production house Buni  Media who produce Kenya’s leading satire show, The XYZ Show. The tour in Nairobi will  culminate in a comedy show, where they will headline the “Everybody Can Gerrit”  Comedy Special with some of Kenya’s most popular comedians Doug Mutai, Justine  Wanda and Citu Waithaka.  

“We’re so happy to see two of our brightest young comedians and sharpest satirists  travelling to Kenya,” says Moto Republik co-founder Samm Farai Monro AKA Comrade  Fatso, “We can’t wait to see the collaborations they create with Kenyan comedians and  political satirists!”

Moto Republik Community Manager, Vera Chisvo


Harare native Munya is a fresh face on the comedy scene. Referred to at school as “Is she  still talking?” and at home as “So when are you growing out of this phase and getting a  real job?” she’s beyond excited to be in Kenya, the land of so many of her favourite artists.  Munya’s career started in acting where she graced multiple local productions in Harare  which paved the way for her career in comedy. Magamba TV’s “The Week” has been her  break out role with her famous impressions of local socialites and aspiring politicians. As  a young female in comedy, Munya has a very bright future before her.  


Tinaye Wayne is a Zimbabwean actor, comedian and content creator. The storyteller has  proven himself to be a natural performer over a short space of time and has earned a  journey that can only be described as meteoric. The young comedian has performed at  Shoko Festival, Zimbabwe’s biggest urban culture festival and at Simuka Comedy as a  stand-up comedian. His acting skills have placed him as one of Magamba TV’s main actors  in their hit satirical show ‘The Week’. Just two years after he started his career, he was 

nominated for a comedy award for the National Arts Merit Award (NAMA), which is the  most esteemed arts award in Zimbabwe. Tinaye is now one of the most prominent faces  on the Zimbabwe comedy scene and has performed on the same stage with Africa’s big  names, Anne Kansime included.  

Creative South

Creative South is a network between creative spaces, collectives and artists in Africa and  was created in an effort to promote more cross country collaborations and to incubate  alternative narratives.

The network is currently made up of Moto Republik in Zimbabwe,  Creatives Garage in Kenya, Anima studio and Mafalala Festival in Mozambique, Gilberts  House in Botswana and Modzi Arts in Zambia.

Moto Republik is the first creative hub in  Zimbabwe and has become the home for over 5 000 creatives, through its co-working  space, creatives market; Hustlers Market, accelerator programmes and trainings.

Magamba Network

Creatives Garage is a Nairobi based creative hub that is a home to a community of 13,000  artists of different disciplines. The hub was launched in 2013 in an effort to assist  creatives in turning their craft into a sustainable livelihood. Despite the Covid-19  pandemic the Creative South network has managed to support 5 different inter country  collaborations that focus on different artistic disciplines including graffiti, illustrations,  poetry and music. The network is supported by the Prince Claus Fund.

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