TRIBUTE: MOANA a Candle in the wind

2020 has been a year of agony and mourning. Both in our private domains and within the public space. The last three weeks of November 2020 have been a nightmare in the arts, culture and social stratosphere. Although the greater bereavement has been centred on Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure – a young businessman famous for his lavish flamboyant lifestyle, so much negative publicity has been diverted towards Moana.

By Tawanda Kajawu, UK

Moana, 26, died in the early hours of Sunday, the 8th of November morning after suffering a devastating head-on collision accident with an oncoming vehicle that burst into flames upon impact. Moana died along with three other friends Ginimbi, Elisha, and Karim all of whom were just coming back from celebrating Moana’s birthday party.

Amidst the confusion and chaos surrounding her death, her family, lifestyle and after death controversies, I have decided to pen this article with the sole purpose of celebrating Moana. The purpose of this piece is to unpack the intricate and draw the reader to the achievements of Michelle Amuli popularly known as Moana.

Mitchell Amuli aka MOANA

Moana the Beautiful Beast

Famous for her boisterous character, her witty humour, fitness enthusiasm capped by her striking beauty and model exuberance, Maona was a trendsetter par excellence.

Hailing for the dusty streets of one of Harare’s oldest and popular High-density suburbs, Highfields or Fio as it is affectionately known, Moana was as regular as any other young girl growing up in the ghetto but she was full of dreams that money could never buy and she chose to pursue just that and lived her life the way she wanted regardless of circumstances and the dictates of society.

Moana was a talented on-screen vixen who featured some musical hits by some of Zimbabwe’s top artists who include Enzo Ishall, Takura and Jah Prayzah. In an interview, she openly admitted that she often gets headhunted and does not go through auditions.

She attributed a lot of her roles to her Instagram skits and Tick-Toks which topped in views and circulation from her over the growing fan base.

Moana was a sex symbol of her generation. She knew how to dress the part and how to act the part. She had an inherent talent of attracting fame and recognition which earned her the top socialite title. At a young age of 26, she had managed to perfect her art as a trending fitness bunny and media personality. Given an ideal and flourishing geographical location, Moana could have been a multi-millionaire.

Maona’s troubled private life received much attention through a few videos in which she struggled with depression-like symptoms. Her life was a semi-open book with her choosing to show what she wanted but at times seeking refuge and safety in the only fortress she knew – social media.

A glimpse into her family politics awaiting her burial was a tip of the iceberg demonstrating that this young tormented soul was going through uneasy times behind that beautiful smile and the glimmering limelights. At the end of the day, society ought to understand that Moana was just a troubled child trying all she could to live a normal life as she would have imagined or reimagine it.

Would it be right to juxtapose her as a candle in the wind? Maybe and maybe not. Considering that this industry changed her and even made her change her name. She lived for social media and in the end, all of her life looked like a perfectly written movie script.

However, the solace comes through her immortalisation as a video vixen par excellence and her being a forever young sex symbol.

Future generations shall know of a Moana and maybe might even celebrate her more than her own friends, family and age mates. Maybe one day her pictures shall be everywhere like Marylin  Monroe and she shall be celebrated more in death than in life. All I know is that the young lady was a trendsetter par excellence. A young life with a promising future ahead -The Beautiful Beast as she elected to call herself.

A woman who gave other women a reason to be bold and an urge to look fit and enjoy life.

She came into the limelight like a blazing fireball and she sadly was taken out in flames after a night of celebrating her life to the fullest. A few weeks before her untimely departure, Moana had announced her engagement but chose to keep her partner private.

Moana is survived by her daughter.


Goodbye Moana, your candle burned out long before your legend ever did.

Rest in peace.

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