The WINNERS: BIOSKOP Short Film Competition 2020 #EuroFilmFestZW

The European Film Festival Zimbabwe 2020 has been running virtually from the 30th of October and ends on the 30th of November. This year the film festival is comprised of masterclasses, input sessions, and the BIOSKOP Short Film Competition, a new addition that saw a lot of Zimbabwean filmmakers participating. 

By European Film Festival Zimbabwe publicity

The inaugural BIOSKOP Short Film Competition saw a total number of 42 short films being submitted this year from filmmakers across Zimbabwe, as well as Zimbabwean filmmakers in the diaspora (Europe). The selection was then whittled down to the final 5 winning films. 

It was such a pleasure being part of the jury for the EuroFilmFestZW BIOSKOP Short Film Competition. To be honest, it was such a difficult task to take up, but at the same time very insightful process as I got to get a clear insider from Zimbabwean filmmakers. There was work that was easy to watch and the other which was difficult. Above all, I admire people who actually get into something and take that bold step to start. I am so happy that people went out to film and submitted their finished products” – expressed one of the Jury Members – Actor, Leroy Gopal

The selection process was overseen by an esteemed panel of judges, with both a local and global view of the film industry. The panel consisted of Sibongile Mlambo ( Hollywood Actress), Thomas Brickhill (Director – Cook Off), Valerio Caruso ( Director – Cineuropa), Fibby Kioria (Program Director – Maisha Film Lab Uganda) and Leroy Gopal (South Africa based Award Winning Actor)


The competition was broken down into 5 categories: Best Narrative, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Editing, Best Documentary Short and Best Diaspora Short.

“There is so much phenomenal talent in Zimbabwe and it needs to be cultivated and a lot of work needs to be done. The Zimbabwean film industry can learn from surrounding countries such as South Africa. We need to find a place of our own such as Mzansi Magic, where we can find unique Zimbabwean stories and should not be shy to share that with the rest of the world. Collaboration is key to creating a sustainable industry in the whole creative industry of Zimbabwe. If one project succeeds in Zimbabwe, it will create a platform for others as well. I was super impressed by Love in Lockdown, Who is the witch and the many other short films I watched during the selection process. To the winners, I would like to say, strike the iron while it’s still hot, use this win to improve in other areas of your artistry and get onto other platforms”- said Award-Winning Actor – Leroy Gopal

Leroy Gopal

The winners in each category will receive a cash prize and an award statue designed by the acclaimed Bulawayo based multi-media sculptor and visual artist, Danisile Ncube. 

The winning films will be available to view as part of the European Film Festival Zimbabwe 2020 program, via the festival page on Festival Scope. The festival, which kicked off on the 30th of October, continues on until the 30th of November. Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Bioskop Zimbabwe Short Film Competition. And a special thank you to those that submitted their films. 

Here are the winning films.

1. Best Narrative  – 18 Months Later

2. Best Cinematography  – Love in Lockdown

3. Best Sound Editing  – Petrichor

4. Best Documentary  – Mass Drug Administration

5. Best Diaspora – Who is the Witch?

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