Zim Hip Hop Awards 2020: New Blood Setting The Pace

The nominees for the 2020 Zim Hip Hop Awards have been released and the colorful awards have been slotted for this coming December.

By Argus Mepo

This year is a year to remember as the new blood within the Zim Hip Hop fraternity have been working hard to gain relevance on the national map and they have done so with success.


Holy Ten, the freshman who has added the Holy Spice to the Zim Hip Hop flavour together with R Peels whose hard hitting bars have been tackling societal ills through music have been leading the race. These two talented artists have been nominated seven times at this years Zim Hip Hop Awards.

Holy Ten

The energy, composure and the work ethic of these two musical monsters has proved that the Hip Hop fraternity has been in dire need of the new blood in order for the genre to gain recognition beyond the smaller audience to a more diverse audience that encoporates both the uptown goons and the ghetto youths as well, the young and the old.

The streets have been set ablaze by songs like Eke, Ndaremerwa, Amai and Landlord, to mention just a few.

For 2020, these two Kings have been some of the common denominators who have been dominating the music scene and dropping fire projects.


As their musical empires expand, these icons must learn and draw invaluable lessons from their peers who have been on the limelight prior to their musical breakthroughs. Some artists’ careers suffered premature deaths and some have remained relevant. Above all, they must remain real and be consistent in their quest to entertain and to build strong musical citadels.

Let me once again congratulate these two artists for being nominated 7 times, they have wrote their own piece of history which has proved key authenticity, realness and intellectually smart is in the hip hop game were a lot of artists choose to be fake.

Full Nominees List : Zim Hip Hop Awards 2020


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