Slage Pro : a producer-artist determined to carve a new sound

Born Paul Muchefa on the 14th of May 1995 in Harare, Slage Pro is a musician, music producer, instrumentalist, session musician and music teacher. Oftentimes music producers live in obscurity and the singers steal all the limelight, here is one artist-cum-producer who is set to make an impact on both fronts.

By Plot Mhako

The versatile and multi-talented Zunde Records’ inhouse producer recently released an collaborative track he did with Takakunda Mukundu son to the veteran artist and producer Mono Mukundu.

Earground tracks down the life and musical history of Sage Pro.

Slage grew up in Kuwadzana suburb where he did bulk of his education and later moved to Mutare where he later discovered his musical talent, through playing instruments in church. He expanded to playing for new local bands and also at that point started experimenting with technology fusing his playing with digital beat making in a local studio in Mutare.

Slage Pro _ sets eyes on new horizons

As time went on he moved back to Harare where he pursued music studies at The Zimbabwe College Of Music and Music Crossroads Academy 2015 to 2016.That very same year he co-founded Zunde Records with Ras Iqbal and Justice Zert Gomwe which is a recording studio/record label. With Zunde he produced tracks for a number of artists namely Chipinge {whose track KERE was in the Diamond fm charts} Viewusa {whose song KaSomething topped Nyaminyami fm charts} Flot Boi from Mutare, Ras CalebPhill Harmonic.

While at Music Crossroads Slage co-founded a band called Olama Hearts and is a lead guitarist there, the band competed in the 2017 edition of Chibuku Road To Fame and came out number 1 Harare Province. In the same year he performed at Musica Festival and Harare Carnival. Slage was also a young guitarist in a band called Machena which was led by Ok Machisa and they released an album. Slage also released a Jazz Fusion album called MAMELODY.


2018 Slage moved to Cape town where he was doing music for a Zimbabwean church AFM and was also having another job. He returned to Zim end of 2019 and produced a number of tracks at Zunde records for artists like Zicky , Chipinge {album yet to be released}, Vusa {album yet to be released}, Chipo ,  Dj Tshil Zfm,Discord from MafriqueMunaishe and many others.

Olama Hearts Band

in 2020 he moved to Namibia where he is currently based and he has produced a number of tracks for Namibian artists like Emmanuel Mazarura , Queen Sovita , Sister LaviniaChrist Exaulters , Anne SingerMe Esther Sophee , Bro Eradius , Tilly The SingerColour Rasta , Adora , KABoi KamakiliDr PhillMr ChibandaAbas DongoExceptional singersLowkey and many others.

Whilst in Namibia Slage is part of Band Olama Hearts. They have performed at the Ongwediva Annual Trade Fair and some corporate functions like the Oshakati premiere end of year party.

As ambitious as it sounds our aim is to build the AmaGitare sound so that we can have another indigenous sound to point at and be proud of as Zimbabweans Just like Sungura did. We are busy working on a few more of these. Who knows, the fire could catch on and our dreams can come to reality.

The artist has also been involved in many other musical activities during the Lockdown in live streams as a session musician and video shoots.  Slage is currently working on his album.

Currently Slage through a partnership with Zunde Records and Voice Perfect Namibia is working on tracks for ChikuneLioness and Monique English. Slage is still doing work with Zimbabwean artists and collaborations via the internet.


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