The most sought after collaborator: Nutty O a versatile artist

Nutty O The Most Versatile And Complete Artist We Have In Zimbabwe By Argus MepoWith his remarkable penetration into the music industry years back, he has made a name that is recognised beyond Zimbabwe, he has become a streets and internet sensation.

By Argus Mepo

He has released projects that have shaped the country’s musical landscape those Boomsheles’ , Vrooms and Safe and the list is endless.

If Versitility was a person that person would be no other than the Africas’ Finest.King Forward staged on the music scene with a different style that is coated with gold and diamond, indeed his style is completely unfound, expensive and classy. This has made him to become one of the most sought after dancehall artists in the country by artists from other genres as they are in dire need of that Nutty spice which they need to spice up their art and craft.

Nutty O

As we speak right now he was recently featured on three hip hop albums which are currently trending well.

Takura recently released an EP Star Signs and collaborated with Nutty O on a song titled Tamba Inorira. The stamina, the confidence and the whole package is a clear manifestation and expression of his versatility . These giants took turns to murder the beat. The song is doing well and is currently sitting on number 5 on Apple Music Zimbabwe.


The ABX General continues to flex his versatile music gymnastics with ease and power, he was recently featured by one of the best lyricist in town R Peels on Thankful which is off the album Muchinjiko. He spiced the song and R Peels did justice too. The song is one of the best hip hop songs for 2020 and is making noise on the internet streets yet it was released barely a week ago.

Bibo World Wide album which was recently released by Bryan K is also one of the most talked about albums right now and Nutty O was also featured in that album.

Ita featuring Nutty O and Jnr Brown is one of the biggest songs in the album and has been congesting airplay and locking charts on radio. Ita is a money making song and a husters anthem and Bryan K featured the right artists on the right track.

His versatility was even evidenced at the clash of the two fine producers DJ Tamuka and Levels as his songs dominated the battle. Four of his hitsongs were played in the first round of the clash which clearly shows that the boy is up to business.

Nutty O’s foamless shape has made it easy for him to actually blend and work with other artists from other genres. Besides, he is the new school formula for making hitsongs and that is why artists have been stampeding to collaborate and work with him.


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