Room 9ine: Qounfuzed drops a glimpse and it’s juicy

I remember watching him on Zbc TV’s YGT program nearly a decade ago and I was struck by his name Qounfuzed. I even made fun of it, so did the host. At first glance I ruled him out as one too ambitious an artist but 8 years later he is still with us and his is catalog keeps growing.

By Plot Mhako

Real name McDonald Sheldon a versatile artist who rose to fame in the early years of Zimdancehall riding on riddims and creating controversy in the way.

Scenes from the video

Qounfuzed has been growing as a musician and has kept churning out some dope tracks and featuring on several collabos that have done well.

His latest piece of work could be one of the best body of art that he has ever released to date. Titled 9ine the song sings praises to a girl who shows her raunchy dance moves. The artist expresses his desire to whine and done with the fine beauty and let the situation escalate.

Qounfuzed in the video

A beautiful, catchy song complemented by an impressive video whose visuals will definitely create a buzz and a lot of talk.

Scantly dressed girls appear in the video In intimate postures and moves which may unsettle some especially the moral police.

The video shot by Walle Timber is of a world-class standard from the camera work, cinematography and color grading.

I will leave the rest to your enjoyment and imagination. A glimpse into room 306 ooops, room 9ine I meant!

Until next time, the plot thickens.


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