Ndinewe TZ Remix a gem: Gemma ft Linex and Barakah the Prince

Gemma Griffiths is definitely an amazing musical gem. Her latest body of work is a msterpiece, a remake and video for her track Ndinewe on which she roped in Tanzania’s Linex and Barakah the Prince.

By Plot Mhako

The Zimbabwean musician has not looked back since the time she burst onto the limelight making covers for Andy Brown’s Mapurisa and then Winky D’s Musarova Bigman. She went on to collaborate with the latter on the monster hit song MuGarden last year and has been unstoppable since.

After completing her high school education in Zimbabwe, Gemma travelled to Snow College in the USA to study towards a Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Music Composition. She studied trumpet, piano and voice.


Gemma a darling to many Zimbabweans is carving her own trajectory with some soothing, moving musical melody laced with multi-lingual jam.

In the new video Gemma rises from a beautiful coastal view to a panoramic glance as she figuratively steps on African skyline in a symbolic gesture to mark her continental take-over.

Gemma Griffiths

The beautiful yet simple visuals are moving and telling, capturing the hustles of the daily African life, pleasing smiles of joy and effortless dance choreography.

The song speaks hope and reminds one that they will never be forsaken. Her collaborators Linex and Barakah the Prince bring out the chemistry as they gel with ease something that is often missing from most collaborations.

Barakah Andrew, better known by his stage name Barakah The Prince, is a Bongo Flava recording artist, singer and song writer from Tanzania.
Linex Sunday Mjeda is an Afro pop artist from Dar es Salaam Tanzania who has produced top charting songs and has had collaborations with Diamond Platnumz.

It is delightful to see the steps that Gemma is making at a time Zimbabweans have been openly expressing great hunger and thirst at having their own international pop success stories. The Ndinewe hitmaker is one of the amazing Zimbabwean artists to have taken heed and answering that call.

A glimpse into her social media engagement, the visuals, images and her website will leave you with no doubt about the path she has set herself on, something fellow artists could emulate.

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