SIBO glows in lyrical dexterity at SHOKO Fest

Sibo born Sibongile Lenneiye is a Zimbabwean-Kenyan hip-hop artist who channels her multi-ethnic heritage and experiences, into stimulating conversations about life and identity.

By Plot Mhako

The rapper and singer brings an unmatched level of versatility to the game; as a multi-lingual artist, she pours her heart and pure love of passion for music into every inch of her craft.


Code switching from English, Shona isiNdebele and Swahili, juggling all four over one beat, Sibo is a lyrical genius who spits truth to power.

Sibo _ pic _ Zezuru Creatives _ Shoko Fest

Her gentle appearance can easily be deceiving for an unapologetic but extremely conscious lyricist that she is. At the height of the #ZimbabweLivesMatter she dropped a hard hitting short video clip that went viral and got many people asking who she was. 

Sibo was one of the headliners at SHOKO Festival this year at the MASHUP Concert “Women Faya” and she brought her A-game, displaying great versatility as she waxed lyrical and went on to mash-it up together with sizzling star Anita Jaxson on the song Fire which originally features Poptain.

The way she flowed on a dancehall beat left festival viewers in awe. 

Poptain, Anita Jaxson, Sibo

Sibo is an active participant in conversations about society, culture, gender and identity.

She is also a blogger who hosts the #StoriesofRebirth – a Digital series that features Leading African Women and Macro Influencers across the African Creative Spec.

Sibo channels her multi-ethnic heritage and experiences gained on three continents into stimulating conversations about life. Refusing to view life in either “black or white”, expressing emotions felt by Africa’s now generation.

Keep your ear on the ground.

pics _ SHOKO FESTIVAL / Zezuru Creatives


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