Awestruck: Its NATASHA MUZ’s time to shine

Out of Chitungwiza emerges a gem, a rare diamond of a hip hop artist. Born Natasha Muromba the 23 year old songstress is a beast on the mic. Natasha Muz’s recent performance at SHOKO FESTIVAL marked her grand entry into Zimbabwe’s finest.

By Plot Mhako

Clad in traditional gab, the ChemaBoss hitmaker oozed with confidence as she owned the stage which was set on the rooftop of Joina City in Harare.

Natasha Muz _ pic _ Shoko Festival _ Zezuru Creatives

Dropping bar after bar, Natasha lit up the comments section as viewers watching the Phoenix edition of the 2020 Shoko Festival stampeded to comment and show their appreciation, with the lucky ones getting pinned.

Not only did Natasha kill it lyrically but she exhibited her dancing prowess with her two supporting dancers complementing with great moves and unparalleled energy.

The whole set was lit in all essense with the lady behind the stage lighting Mildred Moyo connecting to the chemistry and giving her best shot.

Non-stop she churned out some of her old and new songs such as Handisi Tsaga and the hit-song Chemaboss. Throughout Natasha’s performance i could feel goosebumps from what i was witnessing. “An experience like we have never seen before”

Festival Director Samm Monro with the Women Faya crew

The musical revolution is taking place, its female, and Natasha is part of that movement. Her colleagues Anita Jaxson and Sibo who were also part of the MASHUP Night’s WOMEN FAYA did not disappoint.

Zimbabwe! You are not ready for whats coming your way.

Natasha Muz

Props to Shoko Festival for levelling the play-field and giving more female voices space.

Link to the show: Shoko Festival _ MashUp Night


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