RIVA: XQ makes a bold statement on abuse in new moving visuals

Enock Munhenga is undoubtedly one of the longest standing urban artist in Zimbabwe whose career keeps morphing as he glides with ease to the ever fast changing sounds and styles.

By Plot Mhako

“Xq : A mastery of art whose calmness and smooth flowing vocals make him easily likeable an artist.”

Plot Mhako

Today he released a new song Riva which he wrote and was produced by Rodney and DJ Tamuka with the video directed by award winning Blaqs.

Scene from the video

The moving visuals tell a story of a daughter facing sexual abuse and violence from the father stars film-maker Moses Matanda who also wrote the story and actress Florenco Masekesa. However the ending of the video leaves an indifferent feeling.

Florenco Masekesa

An adaptation from a Honde Valley production titled Eagles in this Hut, the video is emotionally compelling as it speaks on real issues bedevilling our society. It encourages boldness, hardwork and to never stop believing.

Moses Matanda & Florenco Masekesa

Whilst deep, the song is easy on the ear and a quick sing-along which can potentially ignite hope for a people going through hardships and faced with a bleak future.

This is a brilliant project with superbly captured visuals.


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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