POPTAIN a phoenix rising: Mesmerises SHOKO FESTIVAL

The 2020 edition of Zimbabwe’s biggest urban arts festival SHOKO which is currently underway raised the bar last night at the Peace in the Hood concert headlined by Zimbabwe’s fastest rising phoenix talent.

By Plot Mhako

Peace In The Hood featuring Jah Master, Poptain, Holy Ten, BlaqPerl, R.Peels, Madzitatiguru, Cody the Rank Marshall, Dadza D, The Voice 2 Rep Competition & Many More. All the main acts gave a stellar performance.

The location, presenters, sound, lighting and running order was breathtaking. I will do another review based on the entire show but for now my focus is on Ameen Jaleel Yaseen affectionately known as Poptain.

Poptain & Blackperl

The young artist is bursting at seams with huge talent ready for the global stage. Last night Poptain literally stole the show. His energy, precision, delivery and chemistry with the band and the surprise collaboration with the amazingly talented Blackperl was a marvel to watch.

Shoko Festival 2020 has provoked the nation facing a dark time to imagine, dream and build the future using anything at disposal.

The reactions from the viewers of the show online bear true testimony to the impressive performance Poptain delivered.

Oozing with confidence, waxing deep lyrical, spiced up with some witty but impressive choreography, Poptain left the biggest message “The world, iam ready”.


This was a memorable show which will go down the history lane as Poptain’s graduation to the international stage. The talent and energy is uncontainable and needs to be quenched around the world.

I hope he maintains the consistency and does not miss his steps as the path is already clear and he needs all the support we can give him.

The Shoko festival magic continues. Until next time, the plot thickens.



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