Bold Blackperl dazzles at SHOKO FESTIVAL

Black pearls have a mysterious aura surrounding them. Some say black pearls are a symbol of hope for wounded hearts, others say they carry healing powers, while others believe black pearls protect the wearer from negative energy. 

By Plot Mhako

The above perfectly describes Zimbabwe’s top flight hip hop artist Blackperl a bold, lyrically gifted and dope bar dropping rapper.


Born Chiedza Babra Maswera, the MC had been for a while been less active on the stage but never stopped making music and never gave away the crown since declaring King Status in a joint she dropped some few years back.

This year, she was one of the artists headlining SHOKO FESTIVAL and she brought the A-Game.

Her performance spoke passionately about the issues and struggles that women face in the patriarchal society. Highlighting injustices, abuse, manipulation, disrespect and gross inequalities that women face, Blackperl saluted international award winning author and human rights activist Tsitsi Dangarembga for her fearless fight for justice.

Her performance was set in a derelict backyard garage aptly resembling the state of the nation. Two young ladies joined her on set but through out her entire performance they were playing Checkers projecting a deep metaphor.


After completing her performance, Blackperl later returned to give some scintillating rap bars in a duet with Poptain on his Pfau-pfau.

“Blackperl and Poptain’s creative chemistry left viewers in awe”


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