Godwin Muzari : Media and arts community mourn a giant with a big heart

The entire creative and media community was last week plunged into mourning following the death of veteran arts journalist Godwin Muzari in a suspected case of suicide.

By Plot Mhako

Godwin was born in Harare in 1980, Muzari was the last born in a family of seven. He went to Hondo School in Mount Darwin for his primary and secondary education before attending St Francis Magwenya in Mashonaland Central for his Advanced Level studies. He then enrolled at Midlands State University from where graduated with a Media and Society Studies degree in 2005.

Innocent Wellington Ruwende, Godwin Muzari and Trust Khosa.

In 2006, he joined Zimpapers as an intern before he became an Entertainment Reporter until 2009 when he briefly left to join Alpha Media Holdings.

Muzari returned as Entertainment Editor of The Herald in 2013, a position he held until his untimely death.

Muzari was instrumental in supporting the welfare of Leonard Dembo’s mother through mobilizing funds and foodstuffs and he would team up with other well-wishers and fans of the late music legend to travel to Beatrice to spend time and leave her with a cheerful soul.

He is renowned for his column Memory Lane which gave some profound research on yesteryear musical greats, digging some of the untold stories.

Tributes continue to pour in from artists, promoters, media comrades, readers and various other people who describe Muzari as a gifted, humble and hardworking scribe whose void will be greatly felt and his legacy will forever be celebrated and remembered.

He is one of the first journalists to show interest in what i was doing, he would attend events, do stories and every engagement was very cordial, respectful and encouraging.

Plot Mhako

So Godwin Muzari my brother is gone for real…GUTTED remains an understatement

Trust Khoza _ H-Metro

Karma is a . . . When a person is living, he/she becomes relevant, when he/she breathes his/her last & can nolonger hold the pen, he/she is easily forgotten. I noticed this when artistes “snubbed” the late Godwin Muzari ‘s burial service in Glen Norah where the family had allocated them a slot to deliver eulogies. I’m not saying it’s an obligation, it’s just an observation I made. Guided by ubuntuisim & “claims” that scribes & artistes are family. Lesson learnt!

Ressy Mutore _ Herald
Muzari’s funeral _ pic _ Ressy Mutore

Godie💔 We little knew that day, you left us without a warning, not even a goodbye😭and I can’t seem to stop asking the question why? You know what vaMuzari I didn’t see this coming, it hit me by surprise. Family isn’t always blood, it’s the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile. You did a lot for me vaMuzari and I would like to thank you even if you are no longer here with us. You would always say “amai vangu munosvika chete” I have been hanging my boots so many times and you would call me muchiti amai vangu don’t give up you can do it😭, it’s now the hardest thing not being able to talk to someone that used to talk and motivate you now and again. You left us beautiful memories. Your love is going to be our guide. Muzari family, all the media fraternity that worked with Godie and friends my thoughts are with you at this sad time but as God calls us one by one, we will link again nava Muzari. May your soul rest in peace mwanangu. 💔

Enisia Mushusha _ Mambokadzi founder
Godwin Muzari

Today we bid farewell and lay to rest one of own, Elder Godwin Muzari. Known in our arts circles as The Godfather. He had a passion for writing. A wordsmith who had the ability to take a simple story and make it very emotional and give it depth. One of the few editors I have worked with who pushed for female journalists rights. He gave me my first much envied Arts front page story in the Herald when I wrote about Sandra Ndebele and wanted to do a series on Women in Music. Very soft spoken but very witty. I would bump into him at Collen Magobeya ‘s office above the Avery bar. And we would partake in a bottle of whisky. At events he would come hang out with the Arts Journalists Association of Zimbabwe AJAZ crew but would disappear without any of us noticing where he had gone. The news of the Godfather’s tragic passing shocked my colleagues and I. I was shocked into silence and for someone like me who loves to talk I couldn’t find the words. Your passing has brought to light that we should never assume that just because someone is smiling and looking good that all is well. I know we individually face our own demons and it is important to find at least one person to share your pain and challenges with. Elder your death hit us hard. We have lost a legend and a true arts hero. Sleep now my friend. May your soul finally find the peace it deserves. We will miss you dearly our gentle giant Elder Godwin Muzari.

Zandile Zaza Ndlovu _ ZBC
Godwin Muzari and Leonard Dembo’s Mother

I am extremely gutted by the passing on of a Friend,Brother,Mentor and an Elder Godwin Muzari. Since joining Alpha Media Holdings for my attachment in 2009,you taught me how to put ink to the paper,molded me into the writer i never was. Sorojena…..recently we met in delved into your new endeavors and never knew you would depart this way. RIP Godfather. Dzangove ndangariro.

Simbarashe Suprise Manhango _ Journalist
Godwin Muzari , Alick Macheso, Takemore Mazuruse

He played his part as one of the few people who gave me the platform to have my stories published in the mainstream media (NewsDay) and (The Standard) while I was still a first year student. As the Alpha Media Group Entertainment Editor he would spare his time to entertain me a lot alongside Silence Charumbira as I frequently visited the AMH newsroom after he published my first story in the NewsDay in 2011. He told me to continue writing so as to perfect my skills untill he started sending me for assignments. He would always say don’t disappoint me young man I like your passion so I will try by all means to assist. I have developed to be a journalist I am today getting guidance and mentorship from him. May your soul rest in peace Godwin Muzari.

Winston Antonio _ Newsday
Godwin Muzari and some artists & jou

I know you loved life and were always happy to help many realise their dreams.How did this happen bro. Soo young soo painful.May the universe find justice for you.Rest Now my brother

Willis Wataffi _ artist
Sulu Chimbetu

In our work as musicians we meet a lot of people. We eventually become family with some while we become friends with others. Such was the case with Godwin Muzari, the Entertainment Editor at The Herald. Takabva kure naGody. My condolences to his family and friends. Tarasikirwa nemunhu aive neruoko rwakakwenenzverwa. He also had a big heart. In the picture below is him and the late Leonard Dembo’s mother when he mobilised resources kuti vawane chouviri. Go well Sorojena.

Sulu Chimbetu

Godwin Muzari, so sad indeed. But from personal experience, the very people that you think are close to you, once you tell them you are having a rough time, either they gossip about it or they ignore you. You end up bottling up. Very sad indeed

Garikai Mazara _ Zimpapers
Godwin Muzari

Rest In Peace Godwin Muzari.We anchored on you when it comes to relaying arts information to the publics.The Communication and Advocacy Section of the Ministry was and will still be proud of you.You were a great arts scribe.The Herald Arts desk will never be the same without you,the quiet,cool,humble Mukoma Gody.

The arts industry again will never be the same without you Godfather Muzari !

Rest In Peace!

Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation


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