Madziwa : A village birthing amazing creatives impacting Zimbabwe

Madziwa kata! “Loosely translated to Madziwa we have arrived.” is a line from a song titled Kwedu sung by Sulu Chimbetu featuring the late legend Dr Oliver Mtukudzi. The track celebrates the pride of one’s birthplace.

By Plot Mhako

In the hit song the two creative geniuses took turns to celebrate and brag about the fruits of nature and the beauty they enjoyed from their rural homes.

Oliver Mtukudzi who origionaly came from Dande and later relocated to Madziwa both in the Mashonaland Central province boasts proudly of his homeland. He mentions the different places and amplifies Madziwa.

Madziwa _ pic _ Plot Mhako

The area which is under Shamva district is commonly known for the Apostolic sect Vadzidzi veChishanu which was founded by the now late spiritual leader Wimbo.

Mushowani Stars F.C. a football team from Madziva currently playing in the Zimbabwean Division One also did a lot to bring the area to the national spotlight.

The UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Oliver Mtukudzi who was internationally acclaimed for his music, creative and humanitarian impact remains the biggest icon to emerge from the area and his legacy gives the rural place (where he was laid) a potential international tourism status. I hope the Government and Madziwa Rural District Council realises and develops something to this effect.

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True to the saying that, an apple does not fall far away from the tree, Madziwa has become a fountain of creative game changers whose works are impacting and changing the national narrative in a major way. I will chronicle some of the names hailing from the area who are making exceptional impact and continue to raise the flag high. I might have missed some, kindly feel free to add in the comment section.

Selmor Mtukudzi

Selmor Mtukudzi, daughter to the legendary Zimbabwean national hero and African music icon, Oliver Mtukudzi. A Multi Award winning and internationally touring artist who continues to carry the legacy of her father whilst building her own path.

Madam Boss

Real name Tyra Chikocho an entertainer, comedian, Gospel artist, song writer and actress. A professional beauty therapist who started off as a gospel musician defied her poor upbringing to become of the most influential comedian, creative and most sought after brand influencer in Zimbabwe.

Dj Shugeta

Tafadzwa Lloyd Ben, Shugeta is a young talented T.V and Radio Presenter.He is also an Artist, who’s versatility and creativity enables him to write lyrics and flow to various music genres. He has starred in several film projects, comedy, musical recordings and is a popular radio dj with National FM:

Lovejoy Mutongwiza

Award winning Photojournalist, senior Reporter/ Senior Photojournalist at 263Chat is one of the most respected journalist in the country. His works have been featured in several international publications and he continues to fearlessly defend the right to free press and journalism. 

Lucky Aaron

Lucky Aaroni is a Zimbabwean filmmaker, photographer and creative director. He is most known for the Internet comedy show Bustop TV. He has produced, edited, written a number of short films. The youth-run BustopTV media house was established in 2014 and are widely known for their satirical skits that go viral as they comment on big political and social issues that affect society. The award winning media house has several shows on their catalogue such as Masystem and several documentaries.

Tawanda Karase

Karasa a Zimbabwean who relocated to Australlia is working through his organisation Grassroots Cricket to create social and sporting impact in the country. A social and creative entrepreneur based in Australia who founded Grassroots Cricket which uses cricket as a platform to educate and raise awareness among young people on the dangers of substance abuse, early sexual encounters, early marriages and other related social challenges.

Plot Mhako

Creative director, arts journalist, festival organiser, graphic designer and cultural activist from Zimbabwe. He is the founder and creative director of JIBILIKA a non-profit organization promoting dance, youth and hip hop culture, working to empower the skills and voices of young people in Zimbabwe through innovative programming founded in 2007. Mhako is the co-director of Mafuwe International Festival of Dance and two music conferences, the Zim Hip Hop Summit, the ZimDancehall Summit, a skateboarding project Skate Zimbabwe and an award winningonline media house earGround.

Freeman HKD

Freeman real name Energy Sylvester Chizanga is one of the most successful dancehall artists from Zimbabwe. This channel shares his content & content from other HKD members such as, Daruler, Delroy, Crystal, Black Warrior, Maggikal and many more. The hit-making artist is one of the most consistent artists in Zimbabwe doing the ZimDancehall genre the biggest pop culture in the country. Freeman has over the years toured around the world performing before thousands of fans. In his music he has in several songs celebrated his homeland Bindura, Madziwa.

Bezaleel Mhako

A fast rising young Film-maker, video director whose passion for videography has seen him produce visuals for some of the top entertainers in Zimbabwe such as Tocky Vibes, Poptain, Van Choga, Lady Squanda, Ras Pompy to name a few. His hand is behind several documentary and current affairs productions. He is one of the most sought after directors in the country. A musician in his own right, Bezaleel has a number of recordings collaborating with Kapfupi, Bla Fodza, Kadjah.

Beatrice Savadye

Beatrice Savadye is a human rights activists and current Director for Real Open Opportunities for Transformation Support (ROOTS) an organization working to promote social and economic justice for young people in Zimbabwe.

Savadye started Roots Africa seven years ago fighting for, among many things, legislation change to better protect women’s rights in her region. In 2016 Roots Africa helped push for a constitutional court judgment that led to a ban of child marriage in Zimbabwe.

A holder of Master of Arts – Gender and Development, University of Sussex is a leading human right defender whose work promotes creative empowerment and inclusion of marginalised communities.

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