The $1 Zimdancehall Song that made a Thousand and more in a month

Last week i stirred a conversation online by posting a Question on whether Zimbabweans give way too many excuses? This triggered a huge response with the majority of contributors agreeing that YES! despite the reality of a bad economy, Zimbabweans have generally got accustomed to giving an excuse for every failure, incompetency and lack of innovation.

By Plot Mhako

However in the midst of the socio-economic instability some young people are defying the odds creating enterprises and initiatives that are impacting many lives and bringing great financial rewards. The lure to quick riches remain elusive to most and some unsuspecting people are falling for small investment, quick returns projects such as ponzi schemes, forex trading and several others duping the poor citizens of their hard earned savings.

Front runners Freeman & Mai Titi pose for a photo with the NashNation riddim challenge winner Jah Master

Popular music sensation Jah Master is one young person who is living that short investment, quick huge returns dream. His talent and a dollar is all that the artist born Rodney Mashandure needed to make a thousand US$ in a month plus 1.8Million Youtube views.

In a short interview by social influencer Dj Towers, Jah Master revealed that the song Hello Mwari which was done on the NashNation Riddim and became an instant national anthem was made from a dollar.

I got a call from the Chillspot producer Levels but i did not have money for transport and he offered to reimburse me a $1 if could make it for the recording.

Jah Master

The song went viral beating tens of other artists by several folds, artists who included some seasoned and other upcoming acts who took part in the riddim challenge to win $1000 USD cash from Nash TV.

Link to the Clip

“Ndopaunoona kuti a dollar can go a long way zvokwadi”

Elinera Rue Manyonga

Last week Jah Master dropped a Passion Java sponsored re-mix of the song and video roped in Tanzanian beauty queen and Bongo Flava star Haitham Kim. The refix went on to pull 160k view in 3 days.

Jah Master’s song inspires the nation to dream and imagine new possibilities. Definitely its a phone-call to God which was answered”

Plot Mhako

Jah Master is currently the most sought after artist earning “mabhanduru” despite the covid_19 lockdown situation.

Jah Master will headline SHOKO FESTIVAL this year

Stop giving excuses, dream, innovate, create, try and your phone call to the Creator will be answered. Until next time, the plot thickens.

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