Feli Nandi and Trevor Dongo brew some magic

Having Trevor Dongo and Feli Nandi on the same song was an art of perfection and only a flawless result could emerge.

By Plot Mhako

Trevor Dongo undoubtedly one of the finest voice we have in the country has been one of the most consistent and hardest working for at least two decades a feat that is hard to pull in musical terms.

On the other hand Feli Nandi who most may recently start to identify as a solo artist has been making music for long featuring on so many projects as a backing vocalist before she recently left Mbeu & the Mhodzi Tribe to pursue a solo career.

Snippet from the video

The actress, singer and fashionista is extremely talented.

Back to the song Mufudzi weMombe, the duet is a piece of magic. The two artists create vocal chemistry which gives the track a deeper meaning and reach.

Telling a story of a herd-boy who faced scorn and rejection but never gave up and lived to see his dream come to reality. Inspiring and relatable to many people who have faced difficulties and rejection but never got discouraged.


A scene from the video.

The song can be adapted to many situations and circumstances and it is a drop of inspiration for scores of Zimbabweans facing the hard economy and bearing the brunt of Covid_19.

Produced by multi-award winning music producer MacDee, the instrumentation and production gives the song a touch of class. It explains why the serial hit-maker Trevor Dongo has entrusted his music with the producer for years.

Macdonald Macdee Chidavaenzi of Eternity productions

The video shot by an amazing creative director & artist whose hand works wonders on the camera. Set in a beautiful rural location the visuals breath life to the song making it a must watch and potentially put on repeat visual.

Simba Gee

I rate this song 5 star.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Full video

Sadly, the video ends when you are still craving for more. Until next time, the plot thickens.


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