ZIMA announces 2021 date, promises improved format and an electric event

“Talent wins’ games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships,” said one of the most celebrated basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan. It is with this same attitude that underpinned organizing the Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA2020).

By Benjamin Nyandoro _ ZIMA Spokesperson

Today, eight months after we hosted the ZIMA2020, we reaffirm that we could not have done it without the support of all the stakeholders. We were encouraged and strengthened by the input that everyone gave us to ensure we produce a fitting event celebrating the hard work musicians put in to give us the music we all love listening to daily.

Benjamin Nyandoro

On this note let me on behalf of ZIMA take this opportunity to thank all the artists that submitted their work for nomination. It is difficult to host such an event without the support of the primary stakeholder. Your timely submissions made the task easier for our judges to get their work done in all the categories.

For the 2021 edition we are introducing an interesting model which will ensure that all interested artists can conveniently submit their works. We shall be giving you more details soon. 

Hats off to the judges as well. You all did a sterling job and made the ceremony worth its while. Yes, there were some queries from stakeholders, let me hasten to say we take note and progressively integrate such invaluable feedback by each edition.

To all the winners we say makorokoto, amhlope, congratulations! It was your night and you shone. We were excited to see the young budding talent dominating the winners on the night and we are excited about the future as it is set to be more competitive.

Joseph Nyadzayo _ ZIMA Founder

However, whilst all stakeholders played a critical role, the event would not have been a reality had it not been for the support of our title sponsor, PPC. It was humbling and motivating to get your full support. Your input was priceless and as we plan for the future we do so with confidence knowing that you are giving us strength beyond. 

It goes without saying, Cashbox, Wezhaz Executive Cars, Nyaradzo, Simbisa Brands, TelOne, Ingwebu, Liquor City, ProAir, Blackshark Security and Boomcity Advertising – Thank you!


Moving on, it is with great pleasure to inform our stakeholders that ZIMA 2021 is on! We are here to stay. February 6, 2021 will be a bigger, better and more glamorous events ceremony. In this light, we call on all stakeholders who make this happen again as was the case in 2020.

RedCarpet _ Photos Credit  : ( Week 10 Studios)

We are really excited about what we are seeing in lockdown. Established and budding talents have released music this year, more promoters have emerged and new digital platforms enabling our music to be exported beyond. We look forward to an interesting awards night come February 6, 2021!

Contact: benyandoro@gmail.com  (+263) 773 478 170 | 717 747 747 | 731 626 323


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