Percy Nhara ends 7 year hiatus with Gudo Guru

Gudo the first track after a seven year hiatus by Percy Nhara was inspired by recent events in the world and speaks to how people are slowly losing their humanity.

By Plot Mhako

The track was written by Percy Nhara who also does the lead vocals. It was produced by Isheanopa Jere and features lead guitarist Forward Mazuruse, and Nicholar Mutuwa on backing vocal. The soulful track has a jazzy feel with distinct African sounds.

An afro fusion band from Gweru Zimbabwe. Plays Karanga traditional music fused with modern genres like rock,reggae and kanindo.

The title- Gudo, meaning baboon in Shona is an allegory of this primate, said to be one of the ugliest animals in the animal kingdom. There is a Shona proverb that goes “Gudo kushata haro asi haridyi chakafa choga”- meaning even in desperation the animal instinct in the baboon will not let it change its principles in order to eat a carcass.

Unlike animals human beings have destroyed even the environment whilst seeking quick profits.

Percy Nhara

Animals seem more civilised that human beings in the way they interact with each other. Your child may be safer if you leave him or her with a dog, but with a human being you may find that you will come back and your child has been abused judging by the high number of child abuse cases. Animals like lions and hyenas hunt in packs- which is more productive and better for the pack that humans who are so focussed on the individual.

The track, coming after a seven year hiatus is dedicated to two band members who died within a few weeks of each other. Lovemore “Sanchez” Ndlovu in May 2017, whilst the producer Leeroy Nyamande, died barely a month later in June 2017.

Percy Nhara

The track Gudo is part of a series of singles soon to be released by Nehoreka which all have the running theme of social commentary.

The single is available on Spotify, ITunes, Tunecore and Reverbnation

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