Crisswiss featuring Lee McHoney, Vic Jita and Uno XO want no BAD VIBES

Bad Vibes, a hip hop Single by Crisswiss and The Dot featuring Lee McHoney, Vic Jita & Uno XO, produced by Rayo Beats just dropped.

Quick Review: By Plot Mhako

The vibe is correct so no need for Bad Vibes! This sums up the energy and chemistry in this new joint. The song brings many layers of diverse vocals moulded together by a Rayo Beats sound.

Its a dope song which came in time for the party season despite the wet blanket thrown by Covid_19.


Accompanied by colorful visuals. I think given a bigger budget this could have brought more magical.

What caught my eye is the Baby Mama with the drama, yes ! Lee McHoney she came through hard, taking no prisoners with some powerful yet still sounding sexy.

Plot Mhako

The other MCs did not disappoint as they delivered well in a mix of English and isiNdebele creating a crossover appeal.

It was Directed by Keaitse Films. It is the debut single from their joint album Room 328: The Bridgeview.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

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