Zimbabwean Music Is Safe : New School producers are changing the game

The Zimbabwean music industry has been gaining momentum since lot of artists have been growing and making music that has manage to explode and bring change into the lives of the many. In the same vein the musical scene has been invaded by New Schools producers amongst them Jamal and Leekay who want nothing but the best.

By Argus Mepo

These New School producers have managed to build their solid brands and ushered in a unique cum hybrid sound which has led to the inevitable growth of some artists and more importantly they have made countless hit-songs.

It’s time to appreciate producers the same way artists are appreciated in our societies for they hold the keys that are pivotal in unlocking hit-songs and quality music.

Last year, Kure a song done by Ishan and Ti Gonzi became the second national anthem as it congested airplay, the internet and all social media platforms, kombis, barbers and saloons to mention just a few and the song was produced by no other than Jamal and his former ally Leekay who now own his own recording studio.


These two producers know the modern and contemporary sound which makes them the New School producers. Their tag team was superb songs like Winner by Nutty O, Handizi Tsaga by Natasha Muz and Shore by Ishan to mention just a few were made by these two supreme producers.

The two now own separate studios but their sound and music projects all all over and making a huge impact. Leekay is currently riding on fame as he has produced some of the biggest songs this year including Poptain’s Munhu Wenyama and the collaboration of the moment by Anita Jackson and Jah Master titled Unonzani. Jamal recently produced the Nash Tv riddim which is doing well.


It’s time to honour and applaud the efforts that are done by producers in shaping and purifying music in their laboratories. More importantly, the New School Producers Jamal and Leekay have changed the game and brought a new flavour to the already melodious music taste.

Real Geniusmintol _ producing for international Dancehall artists

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