Mambo Dhuterere’s Awaited Album Is Finally Out and its a hit

Mambo Dhuterere stole the limelight around this time last year following the release of his album Dare guru which was well received, with his collaboration with Seh Calaz he further cemented his solid art which enabled him to be a household name. His songs were tantamount to Christmas jingles during the previous fastive season. This time he is back again and has released a brand new album titled Zvino Dzimba Ngoni.

By Argus Mepo

This album consists of five tightly packed tracks which are all potential hitsongs. The songs on the album are Zvinonyadzisa, Kubata Basa, Ndabvunza Emmanuel, Kurira Mukundi and Ndinzweiwo Mambo.

Mambo Dhuterere and Wife

The album is more Christian sermon that can go a long way in spreading the word of God, encouraging people to live a godly life, changing the lives of many and might serve as a turning point to most non believers.

In the album Mambo Dhuterere managed to strike a balance of conveying both the gospel and the emerging social issues which have plagued and ravaged family ties and furthered poverty and and other societal ills.

Mambo Dhuterere and his manager Roned Mhako

He is a rare breed amongst the gospel artists, his style of articulation and lyrical arrangement accommodates a diversified audience which is necessary in spreading his music to all the four corners without any challenges.

The gospel star has refused to be a one hit wonder as many people were waiting with anxiety for his new releases after his music breakthrough.

Zvino Dzimba Ngoni album is tight and is a classy and a top notch follow up to his previous works. The album is now available on his YouTube channel


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