Dj Sbu is uncontainable, launches MoFaya soft drink range

Dj Sbu Family born Sibusiso Leope in Tembisa, Johannesburg is media mogul, artist, author, philanthropist and a hustler whose story reads like a movie.

By Plot Mhako with excerpts from the launch statement

An iconic voice on radio from his days at YFM to his Tv appearances as host of Friends Like show, Mzekezeke, co-owning at one time the biggest hitmaking record label TS Records, writing books, getting fired from Radio, starting Massiv Metro and co-founding MoFaya. Dj Sbu is a living legend.

In an announcement yesterday MoFayaA announced a new range of 12 soft drink products in addition to the popular energy drink under the same brand.

Inspired by (eKasi) the hood, the fresh new flavours and a sparkling use of kasi lingo in the product names.

Siphiwe Shongwe & Dj Sbu pic ,

MoFaya, a black-owned beverage company in South Africa, has gained considerable ground in the African market since launching five years ago, and is now established in the top-tier energy drink range by volume. Siphiwe Shongwe, MoFaya’s ‘Firestarter’ co-founder and partner with DJ Sbu, who boasts the designation, ‘Chief Hustler’, had the aim of creating a strong and authentically African-inspired non-alcoholic beverages brand in South Africa and Africa with a strategic plan that comprises four ‘chapters’.Shongwe says the first chapter opened with the launch of the first energy drink variant, followed by three additional flavours and accompanied by high intensity marketing strategies.

“We have achieved what we planned in chapter one, and we are now moving into chapter two with the launch of our carbonated soft drinks.”

The new soft drink range, made to an exceptionally high standard, includes Cola – Sash Mnyamane, Crème Soda – Nomalizo, Ginger Beer -iGemmer (described as a true African taste that always screams ‘hoyi hoyi’ when it goes down your throat), Granadilla – Slay Queen, Grape – Tjovitjo, Iron Brew – Intsimbi, Lemon – Boss Zonke, Lemonade – Botsotso, Litchi – Akekhugogo, Orange – Mzekezeke, Coco Pine – Yellow Bone, and Raspberry – Isichomani.“

The fun and evocative names reflect the heart of MoFaya, which is all about celebrating the untold African and South African culture that continues to shape how we celebrate ourselves,” explains Shongwe.” MoFaya is a platform we use to celebrate our ‘kasiginality’, and the names are a reflection of just that – those who know … know!” He is quick to add that translations of the names will be freely given to “those who don’t know and want to know”.

MoFaya has also made a name for itself as an empowering company, encouraging entrepreneurship, sharing knowledge and opportunities, and building success. Shongwe explains, “MoFaya has set its business ethos around encouraging the spirit of rolling up your sleeves and making it happen – which we loosely translate as ‘hustling’. Our hope is that this launch will ignite passion in those who have started to empower themselves, and in those who are thinking of starting a small business – particularly in this tough economy.”

DJ Sbu notes that “MoFaya has been doing incredible work in line with government’s narrative and drive towards youth empowerment, creating jobs, teaching entrepreneurship and business, and living, breathing, walking, and preaching it, to become a true patriotic organisation that has overcome the odds many times over to prove that we are here to stay.”

MoFaya’s new carbonated soft drinks will be sold through existing wholesale and retail channels nationwide. Shongwe expresses his gratitude to wholesalers and retailers who believed in the first black-owned beverage company in the country, “Your support and guidance is truly appreciated.”

Shongwe also thanked South Africans and Africans, “For all the support you have shown our vision, our idea, our MoFaya, your MoFaya. We have taken punches and rolled with them. We didn’t give up. We refuse to give up on our dream – and our perseverance has and will continue to pay off.” As for MoFaya’s chapter three? It’s being written and it’s going to be great, he says.


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