Internationally acclaimed European band Söhne Mannheims amplifies #ZLM in new video

Söhne Mannheims [The Sons of Mannheim] a multi-award winning European band has added their voice, amplifying the calls for the respect for human rights in Zimbabwe and the rest of the world in a new video titled Miracle.


In the song the band which features Zimbabwean born hip hop artist Metaphysics (of the A Piece of Ebony) captures the spirit ad mood of the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter campaign.

Metaphysics who primarily wrote the song during a visit to Zimbabwe was intended to be a collaboration with the controversial and charismatic influencer Prophet Passion Java but the collaboration never materialized.   Metaphysics returning from Zimbabwe to Germany then decided to pitch the song to his band and the rest is history. 

Söhne Mannheims

The video was filmed in Mannheim and parts in Capetown, in the video Metaphysics can be seen flying the Zimbabwe flag high. This is not the first time he has shown the Zimbabwe flag in a video but this time the symbolism carry’s more significance, Metaphyiscs explains

“Zimbabwe is going through a succession of hardships and as a man who identifies with his African roots and his German heritage I wanted to send a message of hope and unity. In my rap part I basically say that no matter your opinion, financial influence or political affiliation there is always a higher power”. 

It’s obvious the songs message not only applies to Zimbabwe but also the rest of the world and this is highlighted by the German verses sung by Michael Klimas And Gessipe Porrello, making this song a truly international anthem. 
The video is now streaming on YouTube and is also available on all major platforms.

Söhne Mannheims

The band combines an eclectic sound between soul, rock, hip hop and reggae the sons of Mannheim are pioneers of German-language pop music.

The band, founded in 1995, is a platform for singers and musicians of world-class format. Xavier Naidoo shaped the sound until 2017, today it is the impressive voices of the singers Michael Klimas, Dominic Sanz, Karim Amun, Rolf Stahlhofen, Claus Eisenmann or the songwriter Giuseppe “Gastone” Porrello. Drummer Ralf Gustke, bassist Edward Maclean and the guitarists Kosho and Andreas Bayless are in a musical class of their own – as are the rappers Metaphysics and Marlon B. A new studio album is currently in the works.

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